I wrote an article about the cybernetician Stafford Beer for a left-wing art magazine, and I'm looking to expand it into a book. My background is in mathematics (algebraic geometry) and I've worked on medical data integration for the last dozen years or so. Tired of making tech billionaires richer, I want to learn about co-operatives. I have an idea for a residential education co-op for high school students. I want to turn Beer's ideas into libre software. He/his pronouns.


Great to have you here!

Not sure how much you have looked into the topic but would recommend @ntnsndr s articles (, Ed Mayos blog ( and (very biased here!) also my blog here (

@geosocialcoop ( is another good website, as is a newly launched Mutual Interest ( :)

@LeoSammallahti @ntnsndr @geosocialcoop

I'm enrolled in the Platform Cooperativism course Trebor Scholz is teaching at the New School for Social Research

@LeoSammallahti @ntnsndr @geosocialcoop I'm working with a group that does analyses based on Stafford Beer's ideas:

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