"Deep in the ocean, there are treasures beyond compare; but if it is safety you seek, that is on the shore." ~Sa'adi of Shiraz

From my years of teaching, I learned that the biggest taboo in education is teaching your students something that other teachers, administrators, and parents don't understand.

Who is using Friendica? What instance do you recommend? I'm looking at venera.social but welcome other recommendations.

If you ever feel like people are not receptive to your enthusiasm that may be a good signal to look for different people.

Joe Biden's support is not hegemonic, and that is very frightening to Democrats who assume that the Democratic Party is hegemonic.

The obituary section of the Boston Globe is ten pages long.

Just walked the dog. We saw a beaver with branches in her teeth working on a dam.

Stafford Beer defines information as data that changes the state of a system. Data that doesn't change is is not information.

Now seems like a pretty good time for the much anticipated cryptocurrency revolution to step in and do something useful.

I wrote an article about the cybernetician Stafford Beer for a left-wing art magazine, and I'm looking to expand it into a book. My background is in mathematics (algebraic geometry) and I've worked on medical data integration for the last dozen years or so. Tired of making tech billionaires richer, I want to learn about co-operatives. I have an idea for a residential education co-op for high school students. I want to turn Beer's ideas into libre software. He/his pronouns.


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