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#FreedomBox software version 0.36.0 has been released to Debian unstable!

-12 people contributed
-updated translations for 8 languages
-Turbolinks: reload pages wiuth JavaScript
-MediaWiki patches
-Added fonts


fuck Alex Jones, there is no requirement for platforms owned by private parties to carry his trash

I had no idea how much thought had put into how it handles traffic, and honestly I give them a lot of credit for not just blocking it outright.

The best things in life are free, as in freedom :gnu:

At hacking conference and just learned how easy it is to physically gain admin access on a voting machine that is used in 18 states. Requires no tools and takes under 2 minutes. I’m concerned for our upcoming elections.

So... There seems to be a common misconception where people assume all of Mastodon has 180,000 users because says it's home to that number of users.

The real number is closer to 1,5 million. Those 180k are only users and there are like... 3,000 other servers?

I wonder what I should do. 🤔

I kinda miss the days of rampant piracy and data hoarding.

We're now living with centralised streaming services that may be a bit more convenient, but are also much more limited in their offering and are run by psychopathic control freaks (a.k.a. "companies") that want to know and influence everything you're doing .

P2P filesharing applications like KaZaA, DC++ and others were a mess, but they were personal, authentic and *fun*.

Recommended #AppOfTheDay is:

A platform to talk with others via text and/or video. Create rooms and even host your own server. Riot can connect to other apps, such as slack, to create a big connected community! Uses the matrix protocol. Best alternative to Discord & Slack.

Available on the App Store, Web, F-droid, Google Playstore, Linux, Windows, & Mac.

Sans honte et sans remords, je télécharge illégalement !
Les films, c'est la galère !
Les films, c'est la galère !

Je trouve de nombreux trésors en streaming évidemment,
sans réseau c'est la galère !
sans réseau c'est la galère !

(comic par XKCD)

lol wtf there's a ball of fucking fire in the sky thats so surreal

Good morning, knuckleheads. Don't forget: modern social media exists to sell your information to ad tech firms so they can segment you, target you, and ultimately dehumanize you. Modern websites use cookies to track your movement across the web so Google and other ad serving platforms can *sell your data*.

Block tracking by any means necessary.

Fight back.

Funny how elisp, something most lisp people agree is one of the worst lisps, is probably the most used lisp

Oh wait clojure, okay 2nd most used lisp

youtube-dl supports fucking /everything/ holy shit

Hello , remember to vote the Juries (6mo appointment)

Only 15 out of 199 have voted so far. (You have 4 more days to do so but don't leave it for last second)

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