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seriously tho dune is probably the worst thing david lynch ever did and if they're gonna remake it they better work off jodorowsky's book or idgaf

I have been considering the ability to hide following/follower counts on pixelfed.

I have noticed that is one of the addicting aspects of social media and I don't want pixelfed to be a platform that encourages addiction. We don't have shareholders to impress and we have a social responsibility to build better alternatives.


#Peertube looks very nice @chriswere I can follow your feed with RSS and atom. 👍

Well this is troubling...
Issues with the Commons Clause license and it's effect on open source.

I think it's easy for someone like me, where programming is more of a hobby, to go full with the GPL as I don't have to worry about making a living off of any of my work. I can see the appeal of other licenses where it may be easier to set up a steady income. But this is definitely not the way to go.

@ivan @mwlucas "son, are you doing lisp in there? it's okay to tell me if you are."!

Great UX from Imgur for visitors with Javascript disabled, because "display an image" requires web 6.0 javascript meme tech

Dream ActivityPub website:

One that emulates something like tumblr where all types of posts mediums images, text, video, and audio are all treated as first class citizens. Mastodon and Pleroma are both focused primarily on text posts

if you aren't worried about privacy because you have "nothing to hide", given that state violation of privacy usually happens to minority and high at-risk groups, you should be aware that having "nothing to hide" is a heck of a lot of privilege

Friendly reminder: Mastodon has never been about privacy. So if you are looking for secure communications, there are more suitable platforms for this matter.

Everything you send through Mastodon is viewable internally by someone. Even DMs can be viewed by an admin.

"What do you mean be 'hard coded' in the program?"


If you're getting snagged by dropbox lack of GNU/Linux support, especially for encrypted filesystems, then just use Syncthing.

Yes Syncthing is a bit annoying to set up, but once that's done you can just forget about it.
this is the serious problem, people. stop letting yourselves get conned.

if the source is not actually open on day 1, it's not free software and it's probably never going to become free software.

yeah, twitter, tumblr, etc all suck and have problems, but to break the cycle you have to use actual free software, not software that may become free software someday. until that software does actually become free (usually this never happens), you're either just a product or somebody they can lock into their platform and extort indefinitely.

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if you're actually new here, just do what you want to do, as long as you are nice to others.

if people tell you what to do, don't take it personally: some people have not yet figured out the concept of personal space. that's okay, I guess. if they keep doing it, you can tell them to fuck off or block them or something.

you can use Pleroma's subject feature or Mastodon's badly named CW feature to attach a summary of what you're posting, this can be useful for letting people pick and choose what they want to see. it is true that Mastodon hides all messages with CWs attached to them by default, but this isn't a form of self-censorship. if that seems like something you want to do, then do it. but, don't feel pressured to use it. don't give others the power over your own experiences.

there are two things I would suggest doing, however:

1. attaching image descriptions when possible (this isn't possible in Pleroma frontend, but can be done when using Mastodon frontend on Pleroma, and Mastodon itself always supports it, and all the mobile apps you would actually be using support it), this is nice for people who are blind -- there are actually blind users of the fediverse and they have expressed appreciation for this feature.

2. marking stuff that would be inappropriate to display in public as sensitive or NSFW. in mastodon (and mastodon frontend on pleroma), you can do this by clicking the eye icon which appears when you attach an image. in pleroma frontend, you can do this by tagging the post #nsfw.

beyond that, please aspire to give everyone their own personal space. this platform isn't twitter, and the fact that most generally give each other the common dignity of having their own personal space without others coming into it and telling them how to use the platform, is generally seen as a feature.

"She noticed that her Android phone prompted her to rate a shopping trip to Kohl's, even though she had turned Location History off."

Yeah, I've gotten that myself. According to AP, Google still tracks your location, even if you've turned that setting off.


@dthompson @garbados anyone who uses "serverless" to mean something other than P2P immediately loses their credibility in my eyes

building software that is actually serverless is so much cooler than "using a specific AWS service"

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