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A good example of a non-evil way of doing a CLA type thing s the Fedora Project Contributor Agreement

CLA's are mainly just so companies can relicense projects under their control, this means they can change a project to a proprietary license without asking developers.

Do not sign a CLA unless it explicitly says they will only relicense to licenses approved by a third party like the FSF or OSI

本日発売の日経Linuxで、Ubuntu 18.04 LTSにPleromaをインストールする記事を書きました。

Petition to make software boring again

Mozilla is sending all DNS traffic to cloudflare, because obviously the company which makes the internet unusable for TOR users has the privacy interests of the public at heart.


The more I think about the the more convinced I am that we need true Hubzilla-style roaming identity to really make federation a superior option.

It doesn't matter how easily we can change instances if we lose nearly everything (including our reputation!) on the way.

All the #distributed, #federated #webapps in the world don't matter if they're prohibitively hard for people to run (ie #selfhost!).

That's how most of the world's #email ended up owned by #Google and #Microsoft.

So it's almost criminal that the leading #FOSS #selfhosting platform @yunohost is only getting €9.63 a week from their #Liberapay.

We can do better! Let's make it easy for everyone to host #Mastodon, #Peertube, #Wordpress, #Pixelfed etc!

Go, #Fediverse! Go!

Fucking pissed at white dudes in free software prioritizing exercising their free speech by showing "look, I can make jokes which affect people not like me" and then being like "free software is a movement for everyone"

Nobody has ever questioned whether *I* belong. But I've tried to bring in plenty of other people who left because they didn't feel welcome.

I believe in free software, I want it to be a movement for everyone. Most of these people would say "I do too".


Rust doesn't have a specification
Therefore all Rust code is undefined behavior
Therefore Rust has more undefined behavior than C
Therefore Rust < C
Checkmate athiests

This is hilarious, NPR gives its users a choice between trackers and plain html only 😂

"Decline and visit plain text site" actually takes you to a plain text site, without css or anything.

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