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As I look at creating a version of org-books for movies I realize more and more I'm just recreating a spread sheet 🤔

I've never much liked imdb and there are no real good alternatives so maybe plain text would finally help me keep track things

Neato idea: using Emacs and org-mode to manage a reading list

This would be pretty easy to adapt to a movie/anime watchlist 🤔

If your software is over 20 years old and still being actively maintained and used, you've got to be doing something right...

FVWM is still actively releasing updates after like 25 years, wowie

I really don't like how there's not a formalized standard for Rust (arbitrary thing to complain about I know)

The only thing kinda making me want to learn Rust is how it seems like every new GNOME app is written in Rust.

Pic from right after I made a huge error and probably destroyed a partition that wasn't backed up

Mixed feelings about the news of live bookmarks leaving Firefox. It feels like another nail in the coffin of RSS which is sad, but maybe on the bright side this is a move to make Firefox lighter and stop eating my ram

The good thing about free software is that you never have to deal with activation codes or license explorations or being allowed to use your computer

Is there an Open Source alternative to Captcha? Because there should be. Because Captcha makes me think I might be a robot sometimes.

how come the people that used to spell microsoft "micro$oft" dont spell google "g👀gle" like cmon it's perfect and just as obnoxious

Lately my Fedora install has been freezing up and my only recourse is to force shutdown... haven't been able to figure out why. I might reinstall, or maybe jump ship to debian or something.

One thing I've always really appreciated of Fedora was its reasonable and secure defaults, and I've grown lazy about configuring those myself. Debian would be more work but maybe it would be good to spend some time with it

This week my great uncle showed me the family tree he's been maintaining for years. So I decided it'd be fun to digitize it using Gramps and it's been going pretty well

"what have the romans ever given us?"

"roads, aqueducts..."

"well besides that!!!"

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