GNOME 3.32 is due to be released this March, and the theme this cycle is π—£π—˜π—₯𝗙𝗒π—₯π— π—”π—‘π—–π—˜! Check out some of the upcoming optimizations being made GNOME Shell and Mutter:

Gonna try to participate more online to promote my because I guess that's what social media has made us

I've joked before about bitcoin turbonerds wanting to fuck the blockchain, but I didn't expect to get this literal

@cwebber @dthompson Hi, I'm writing a paper for a uni course on free & open source discourse communities and I was wondering if either of you would be open to doing a quick interview on the subject over email?

@schlink I have a Kobo, it's nice, easy to sideload books from Project Gutenberg and ones I buy from Humble Bundle or No Starch Press (rip O'Reilly). I use Calibre to manage my ebooks and have only ever bought one book from Kobo.

Decentralization is good for user control but ultimately by reimplementing existing social media platforms with decentralized protocols we are recreating the same problems that infest those networks. That's why I so rarely use Mastodon these days because "social media" as a concept is fundamentally flawed

@sir @njoseph Fair enough but I've just never been convinced they are doing anything out of the ordinary. Sure their revenue is huge but so are their expenses, but they are like the 3rd most used website on the internet so doesn't seem that crazy

@njoseph @sir I really don't know where this idea that Wikimedia is a corrupt organization, they are a nonprofit which means we literally have access to their books and they seem fine according to most charity watchdogs

tired: saying hi to a girl

wired: sending her ur pub key

So, here it is, my new fvwm desktop configured to appear the most CDE -like I could :flan_wink:

the greatest minds of my generation were lost to the blockchain hype train

Well, here's my Mastodon timeline, inside Emacs, on a DEC VT420.

Someday I want to either start or participate in some sort of software coop

cyberpunk on TV: "wow this is amazing"

cyberpunk in a book: "fuck yeah"

cyberpunk in an image: "nice"

cyberpunk in real life: "I'm staging an intervention for you, you drink too much, smoke too much, your apartment is a mess, you haven't been out in weeks, and why do you have all these useless broken computers?"

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