it's weird how the left largely deals with potentially adversarial conditions in a largely social way (questioning, interrogation, insult, etc) which imo doesn't seem to be working, but there is rarely a thought about technical tools to help with this it seems

@theblockchainsocialist You can't solve social problems with technology, but it sure as hell is possible to use technology to create them

In an information war, though, technology is the terrain. And the left isn't doing enough to control the terrain, especially wrt blockchains

@yaaps I disagree with what "You can't solve social problems with technology" subsequently leads to. We can't cleanly separate social and technological issues. A membership card is a "technological" solution to a social problem but of course it's not completely technological. It's a bit stilly to me to separate these two domains. They're inextricably linked.

@theblockchainsocialist @yaaps it's almost like the base and superstructure are mutually reinforcing and improving one can induce changes in the other

@treyd @theblockchainsocialist Yeah, I have some of my recent reading (Deleuze) yet to incorporate into my presuppositions


@yaaps @treyd For me, I think Deleuze is super relevant when it comes to FOSS development and subsequently crypto as well, especially his critique of representational thinking vs arboreal / rhizomatic.

It's a mistake / very limiting to think of for eg. all crypto only as a representation of money or a lesser form of money. I think it's more interesting to deconstruct all the things it can and can't do to find all the things it could be useful for which may have nothing to do with money.(my 2c)

@theblockchainsocialist @treyd
I was thinking of societies of control. Much of corporate open source is of this variety. They make it easy to do things their way and being passively disruptive of alternatives is sufficient for their ends

There's an example in the Fedi right now of deterritorializing and reterritorializing. The big projects were written in Ruby, Erlang, and PHP, but more Fedi projects are written in Go than any of those because of GoFed - a library generator that creates a space for these projects. This is something that's still a TODO from PixelFed in PHP, mostly a failure in Erlang from pleroma, and not even on the radar with Mastodon

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