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Vatican City is only 0.44 square km in area, therefore it has an average of 2.27 Popes per km².

>Year is 2120
>Everyone has neural links to use a computer
>You, a linux user
"I'm not switching from my tiling window manager that neural shit is awful."

Regardless of your political beliefs, I think we can agree that Trump's presidency will mark a new era of American history

Esperanto: 'Antaŭtagmezo.'
English: 'Forenoon.'

Thinking of trying out , I have been with for a few years now.

don't do the crime if you can't do the crime.

Tonight there was an International Women’s Strike rally in Union Square in NYC.

"We do not believe that there exists a technical solution to the problem of anonymity in social networks. Specifically, we do not believe that any graph transformation can (a) satisfy a robust definition of privacy, (b) withstand de-anonymization attacks described in our paper, and (c) preserve the utility of the graph for common data-mining and advertising purposes. Therefore, we advocate non-technical solutions.

…researchers don’t have the incentive for deanonymization anymore. On the other hand, if malicious entities do it, naturally they won’t talk about it in public, so there will be no PR fallout. Regulators have not been very aggressive in investigating anonymized data releases in the absence of a public outcry, so that may be a negligible risk. Some have questioned whether deanonymization in the wild is actually happening. I think it’s a bit silly to assume that it isn’t, given the economic incentives. Of course, I can’t prove this and probably never can. No company doing it will publicly talk about it, and the privacy harms are so indirect that tying them to a specific data release is next to impossible. I can only offer anecdotes to explain my position: I have been approached multiple times by organizations who wanted me to deanonymize a database they’d acquired, and I’ve had friends in different industries mention casually that what they do on a daily basis to combine different databases together is essentially deanonymization."

Privacy does not exist online. ALL actions you take can and will work to de-anonymize you. Stop buying into silicon marketing, stop getting your education from YT talking heads and STOP LARPING

honestly i also think people are just happy to see anything that says to them that history hasn't ended, that there are "new" ways to do things, maybe even better ways. that's crucial, especially in recent years.

I just received my first unsolicited dick pic in my life

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