@dhfir Honestly I have no idea, I haven't logged in for a while. I'll try again on Firefox and see.

@dhfir I expect that it should work, but I haven't used PaleMoon.

@Moon Level up, fight monsters, do quests, make money, collect items, talk to people.

There are a few playable libre MMORPGs I like, but none seem to have really good mobile clients. Isleward seems closest to what I'm looking for, so far.

@SilverWire Chuang certainly seems to be the one best-connected to mainland China, the others seem to be in the periphery so they can provide commentary but not direct experience on what's going on day-to-day.


Chuang - chuangcn.org/ (anti-capitalist),

ChinaWorker - chinaworker.info/en/ (Trotskyist, HK-based),

Lausan - lausan.hk/ (anti-capitalist, HK-based),

New Bloom - newbloommag.net/ (anti-capitalist, Taiwan-based)

@hj I know some blogs and formal online publications, but I'm looking for something audio I can play in the background.

Does anyone know a YouTube channel which has news about China from a left opposition perspective? e.g. anarchist, Trotskyist, or anti-Dengist Maoist

My id wants to be a troll sometimes but truthfully my superego can't take the heat

@volt4ire I'm not sure why burning is more effective than destroying them in other ways.

water drinkers don't fuck around. when they say they're drinking #water, they mean it. #facts #WaterDrinkers #water #drinking

from our blog:
Hispagatos is an
Anarcho hacker collective
that resolves around the
Hacker ethics of Steven levy and
Libertarian socialist ideas.
We work hard to preserve decentralization,security and privacy in cyberspace and motivate towards an horizontal and non hierarchical techno-anarcho-communist society (TACS) where technology is made by people for the people not by corporate masters to control people. a(A)a

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