I am a programmer in New Jersey. I have been on federated social networks since 2013, and am really into the cooperative model. I am into mathematics, anime, free/open source video games, and personality typology, and generally just like meeting new people online. Hope to strike a conversation with some friendly people here!


Nice to have you here! Any cool projects you've been/are/would be interested in working on?

@LeoSammallahti Right now I am not working on anything in particular, but I have been considering working on one of my old games in .

I enjoy math too, but don't use it much. Thus, I have gotten rusty and am due for some serious reviewing/relearning. The highest level I reached was Differential Equations, but currently I would choose to focus my review beginning with highschool Algebra 2.

How about you -- are you due for reviewing math also, and if so, what subject would you begin at?

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