I just published an essay titled Techno-Realist Anarchism, or Techno-Anarchism

Had a lot of trouble figuring out where to publish this properly. I hope I'm able to reach some people on here.

@tealturtle intresting much of it mirrors my thoughts for the last 30 years of living though it all. Some muddy bits we all have them ;)

Lots post on this subject on my blog if interested

@witchescauldron I know IndyMedia but never heard of the hashtag. What is it about?

@tealturtle we are doing new codebased to reboot the indymedia project just about to roll out the first batch of hyperlocal test sites. we need more tech/design/social/editoral input into this if you know intrested people.

@tealturtle we could do with some help with dev/syadmin/mod if you have time or know anyone that would be intrested #indymediaback #OMN

@witchescauldron I may be able to give some time to dev, what do you need? I'm less experienced with anything sysadmin.

@tealturtle have a talk with @bob and @msaunders we have a ongoing project with epicyon and starting a second #OMN project soon :)

nice to make your acquaintance :)

so, what kind of dev are you into?

we're a bit of a rag-tag bunch (if you know the expression). I don't know how much @witchescauldron has explained.

@msaunders @witchescauldron I'm not really partial to any kind of dev, but mainly I'm experienced in frontend development. I'll pick up any language, etc.

@tealturtle @msaunders have a look at this might be worth forking to code a indymedia - see the images for what is needed. are you intrested in the mission :)

@tealturtle @witchescauldron
If you have any questions at all, just ask.
I'm still wrapping my head around the social aspects of the project and it's potential.

@msaunders @witchescauldron Is there a place for the overall vision for the site? I don't understand how Pleroma falls short of what's needed.

@tealturtle @msaunders a lot of the info is here you can find the process on the issues in the repos of the diffrent projects on the unite site.

@witchescauldron @msaunders To summarize from my understanding: banner, links, and process are just static HTML. Collective articles are published by the site, somewhat similar to the "local" timeline on fediverse. News wire is uncurated content that was published from other sites, somewhat similar to the "whole network" timeline on the fediverse. Does that sound close?

@tealturtle @witchescauldron

Yes, pretty close :)

I need to write a wiki entry to visualise and dicuss this.

Newswire is somewhat curated.
I believe it's like the "federated timeline" also including local posts.
Further includes RSS feeds (potentially ostatus, etc).
Some feeds are trusted, others may require moderation.

Collective articles go through consensus process before posting.
They may be written by one of more parties.
They should be based on and cite post(s) from the newswire.

@tealturtle @msaunders I wrote a blog post to address the thinking behind this for more deatales you can find most ansers if you look back on the blog flow.

@tealturtle @msaunders am writing a blog post to outline how to use the #OMN tools to create a indymedia site. the OMN tools are not new and have been ruining our infrastructure for the all of human history. think water/electricity, sanitation, the snapisie in our brains etc its #KISS basic stuff.

@witchescauldron @msaunders Thanks, this is all very helpful. I'll take some time to digest it.

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