I want to like but I can't find much supplemental material for it like modules

@tealturtle Reading the Wikipedia page, the gist of the Fudge system sounds like Lasers & Feelings, only with four nonstandard dice instead of one standard die.

@rocx They look pretty different to me. FUDGE's "core mechanic" has more in common with D&D I would say. And it has a concept of skills.

@tealturtle What kinds of modules do you seek? I'm currently working on a fork of dnd 5e with sr/cyberpunk classes etc.

@picklejarbob I am looking for something long though, like a full story for a campaign with dungeon maps etc.

Since Fudge seems to be a collection of mechanics couldnt you just use any adventure module from another game and play it with fudge rules?

@picklejarbob I would need to adapt the monster stats somewhat but yes probably

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