Hot take: the transition from feudalism to capitalism wasn't cataclysmic. This suggests that the transition from capitalism to whatever comes next may well also be gradual, not violent-revolutionary.

The small-but-growing co-op movement is one aspect of that transition.

.@woozle Nice puff piece for Richard Wolff to pretend he wasn't against worker cooperatives until the last decade or so.

@tbeckett I hadn't realized he was against them at one point -- do you have links?


@woozle Not close to hand. I heard this mostly from my friend & mentor Frank Adams, who used to argue with Wolff. When Wolff started to see that co-ops are a functioning alternative to capitalist enterprise, he wouldn’t use that term, coining “worker self-directed enterprise” instead. For some reason that didn’t catch on. Maybe Len Krimerman knows. @Matt_Noyes, do you have Len’s email?

@woozle And then Wolff had the gall to appropriate the title of Frank’s book - Putting Democracy To Work - for his own platform.

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