Photo does not capture a delightful breeze.

*high5!* to @checkervest

Deposited the big mini at camp in a quick dropoff transaction. Left feeling empty. Took myself to Firestorm Books in Asheville for respite. Bought a f*ckton of verbiage. About to drown my sorrows in ramen and turn homeward.

Some things I am learning: if you're white and male and into free software (I am), recognise that you have a very blinkered and narrow view of the world.

real talk i spent like 3/4ths of my university career doing nothing but writing scholarship essays so i could actually afford to get my black ass through school and i'm now a master at them so if you're looking for help with writing one of those and are a minority (POC, LGBTQ+, etc) hit me up and i can help you out

Driving up to the NC mountains to drop big Mini off at camp tomorrow. Stopped for supper in Greensboro.

Gina Ortiz Jones would have been the first openly gay congresswoman from Texas. She lost by 1,150 votes. The big tech companies bought this election for her opponent. 4/2

A symbolic victory like a keynote speech is nice. But elections are about real power. The House was in the balance in 2018, and Microsoft, Google, Twitter, Oracle, Facebook and Amazon doubled down to get this Republican elected. He would not have won without that money. 2/2

GEO member Ajowa Ifateyo and other members of Limited-Equity in Washington, DC talk about the benefits of a model that puts human needs above financial profit:

this is still my favorite poem of all time

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#LGBTQ #LayleenPolanco #Justice4Layleen

Police issuing an official apology for Stonewall while Layleen Polanco dies in a cell is a perfect metaphor for their presence at Pride.

"It’s strange, isn’t it? The ideology of capitalism is that it is a system that generates immense abundance (so much stuff!). But in reality it is a system that relies on the constant production of scarcity.

This conundrum was first noticed back in 1804, and became known as the Lauderdale Paradox. Lauderdale pointed out that the only way to increase “private riches” (basically, GDP) was to reduce what he called “public wealth”, or the commons. To enclose things that were once free so that people have to pay in order to access them. To illustrate, he noted that colonialists would often even burn down trees that produced nuts and fruits so that local inhabitants wouldn’t be able to live off of the natural abundance of the earth, but would be forced to work for wages in order to feed themselves. "

Degrowth: A Call for Radical Abundance

Any suggestions for an alternative to SurveyMonkey that allows more than 10 questions on a survey? Ideas? (I looked at Framaforms but it appears to be exclusively in French)

Don't suppose there's a public Mastodon instance available that's set up purely for testing? Where you can register and test posting various things and it won't junk up people's timelines?

Is there a federated source code hosting system which has a paid hosting tier?

Ideally not VC backed?

Slowly but surely, I'm accumulating the rights to a larger and larger swathe of components that can be composed into owner-operated micro-businesses.

Putting the finishing touches on a very basic "support ticketing" system right now.

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