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Here is memorial to the late Billy Graham, by Joe Hill: “The Preacher and the Slave.”

As sung by Harry McClintock.

As it's , I figured I share a snippet from an interview I shot years ago of Helen Godfrey-Smith of , in which she recounts her mentor's experiences of segregation in the southern movement.

@GinnyMcQueen Hope I did not inadvertently sealion you there. Co-ops are the work I do and people I care about.

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@mattcropp What are VEOC’s main sources of funding? Talking with folks about setting one up here.

is there an alternative etsy for selling handmade stuff nowadays?

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yelling about leftists and children Show more

Working through Ari Weinzweig’s /A Lapsed Anarchist’s Guide To Building A Great Business/. Weinzweig is the co-founder and public face of the Zingerman’s Community of Businesses in Ann Arbor. There is a lot of great material here about participatory management and culture building in an organization. He is also fairly irritating with the “anarchist” bit, crediting Goldman, Kropotkin, Bakunin, et al, as the source of this approach, but describing what seems more like benevolent feudalism.

But imagine for a minute an org, entirely non-religious, built on inclusivity and not being shitty to one another.

Imagine that org sitting just out of frame helping people, fixing things, making the world better.

Imagine that org sending members to run local governments, helping cities transition to municipal internet, fixing zoning laws to be less classist, etc.

How’s the reading group doing? Is there a hashtag? I ordered the book from my local bookseller but it hasn’t come in yet.

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Had a chat with a co-owner of one of my fav eateries here - and she made time for me during lunch rush - and learned that she was very interested in broader worker ownership. Made my day.

@BeechMtn You should try to attend the Up and Coming conference next month. Leila Wolfrum from Durham Co-op Market is on a couple panels, lots of NC people will be there.

Roses are red
Our flag is black
Let’s burn down the prisons
And never turn back :anarchism:

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a cryptocurrency where there is only a single coin that is completely undivisible