The Rust Belt has become the U.S. mascot for capitalism's ravages, but may I also submit for consideration the South's innumerable rotting towns that used to be on rail lines and have left their remaining residents stranded far from food, school, & healthcare? A staggering number of these in South Carolina...

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✊✊✊things have clearly shifted, turmoil is inevitable, resilience is our strength and discomfort our training

Good morning! Sun came up again. This is starting to look like a regular thing.

What is Who are we (it's members)? How do we contribute?

We've started a thread on loomio, where we will post one question every couple of weeks that will help us to get to know each other as members, with the objective of using this understanding of each other, our motivations and expectations to launch the next phase of

Third question: "I would be a bigger fan if..." (in 500 characters or less)

I'm looking for interesting drawing blogs to follow, specifically interested in folks who talk about their process or theories about drawing. Suggestions?

Tried a new-to-me Szechuan restaurant for quick dinner tonight. My mouth was most delightfully afire. Need to return soon for a more leisurely meal.

Does anyone have experience teaching #meditation and/or #Buddhist principles to children? Or maybe some book recommendations? I've been thinking about introducing this stuff to my 5yo son and I'm not quite sure how to approach it.

The sheer number of talks about burnout at tech conferences (including ones I've given) lead me to believe that every talk should just be one slide that says "Smash Capitalism". #allthingsopen

Reading a book at a coffee shop. Both baristas have artisanal beards.

Hire me! In exchange for currency I'm willing to work for you. Electronics, reverse engineering, graphics design! Fun! Click here and see what I can offer:
(fully GDPR-compliant, 0% cookies, and made with 100% recycled electrons)

Boosts are welcome.

Violence is not just hitting someone in the face. Violence is passing legislation and policies to deny a sick persons access to healthcare. Violence is removing peoples autonomy and the ability to have safe abortions. Violence is removing funding for food programs that help feed the starving. Violence is dismantling housing and aid programs that help the homeless. Violence is sanctions placed on "third world" nations leading to starvation and death. Violence is the criminalization of drug use. Violence is discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender or lack thereof, race, ability, or age. Violence isn't just throwing fists or shooting people. Violence has evolved with our society to be far more cunning, shifting and bureaucratic than that.

Removing someones ability to hand out harm reduction services to help prevent overdoses and the spread of disease in their neighborhood is inherently an act of violence.

Google is currently on witchhunt for alternative #YouTube frontends: They target the services as well as their users.

In the last week, #Invidious instances first got IP banned, and once that was circumvented stopped via heavy rate limits.

Now they manage to associate #NewPipe users with google accounts somehow, and suspend these accounts:

Now that these frontends got #Google's attention, I don't think we can sustain this cat & mouse game for long. πŸ˜”

New Music USA survey wants to hear from diverse voices!

"Seventy percent of our survey respondents so far are white men and we want to hear from a broader range of voices including people of color, women, transgender, non binary music makers and creators. Your voices matter to us".

Survey ends October 18th.

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