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can y'all still believe we're still on a beautiful ball hurtling through space

Reagan was wrong. The most terrifying words in the English language are, β€œwe’ve been sold to private equity.”

So I would eventually like to make Sunbeam City ran as a cooperative somehow, but I'm waiting on to go through its growing pains first so we could have something to emulate (and also get more members to justify such a thing, probably).

@tbeckett github also took down, and Twitter deleted a bot that was tweeting just the first names & cities.

No big deal... just a #pdx ice cream truck helping us block the #ICE detention center while giving out free cones. #TooPerfect

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ... abolishing fascistic govt agencies terrorizing families

Almost 1k strong last night. Word from #LA that the effort is spreading. WE'RE NOT LEAVING

JOIN US! (In Portland or wherever you are)

4310 SW Macadam Ave

The Godwin point creator (Mike Godwin) said it's totally fair to compare the Trump administration to Nazis. Have a nice day y'all

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Join the call for (US) national mobilization against ICE & children in concentration camps on June 30.

Thank you NDWA!

There is a vote and associated discussion going on about a proposed Code of Conduct for, closing in 6 days. As a coop member, everyone's eyes, minds, and voices are important in matters of governance, especially where things like this are concerned.

Please engage with the draft document itself:

and the discussion thread for the vote on Loomio:

Peertube, an ActivityPub based alternative to YouTube, is running a crowdfunding campaign

Comes at an important time, with YouTube blocking legitimate videos on (incorrect) copyright grounds, such as MIT's OpenCourseWare videos and the Blender Foundation's videos

Alibaba is taking over brick-and-mortar and Communist China, but their platform is not a co-op.

"Why it matters: Alibaba says that over the last year, it has redone about 1 million mom and pop shops like the Huangs' across China. It has done the same with about a hundred superstores. Big and small, these outlets buy all their goods through Alibaba's platform and pay using its affiliate Alipay app."

hi it's noemi! i'm interested in the intersection of tech and post-left anarchist stuff. trying to use code to fix things ^^

A really cool episode of the podcast 99% Invisible, describing both the insecurity that people living in mobile homes face, and the growth of a movement of cooperative ownership amongst mobile home owners.

[99% Invisible] 307- Immobile Homes via @PodcastAddict

"The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose.
An evil soul producing holy witness
Is like a villain with a smiling cheek,
A goodly apple rotten at the heart.
O, what a goodly outside falsehood hath!" -- William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice

For some reason my feeds do not appear in Amaroq (iOS) except for notifications. Other instances work just fine. Any ideas how I can get it working again? @mattcropp @Antanicus @vmatekole