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@mskavanagh Or for people who have been banned from other social media for abusive/racist content. E.g.,

@lehighcommunalist Haha! I don't quite know what that's about but it is Grade A snark.

@MadcapJake Well that's the thing, I don't know what might be better than Calibri. Seems pretty close to Helvetica, but I don't know from fonts.

Today I listened to a die-hard III%er explain how he came to realize that the people of the patriot movement had been manipulated into being foot soldiers for the rich elite. He shared this story to compel others like him to think hard about who their actions were benefitting, and encouraging them to stop fighting other poor folk and instead unite to take on their shared enemy.

There is hope.

@LeoSammallahti Hope to get to know you better. Finns brought strong cooperativism to the places they settled in the US.

@mattcropp But at root the rate is a sales proposition and you have to meet your customers where they're at (after conditioning their expectations).

@mattcropp That seems like a good rate rule of thumb to me. Always give investors the ability to choose a lower or zero rate.

@LeoSammallahti One option would be same number of workers could own/operate more automated stores more efficiently. However, human relationship is an important factor that automated stores will lose. Worker presence in the store creates relationship & affiliation for the customer. Workers can "curate" merchandise, meet customer needs better than any algorithm.

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Traditional banks = banks that lend to customers they know well, use mostly retail deposits for their funding, have physical branches and do little or no investment banking.

During recent decades, traditional banks have failed considerably less often than "fancier" credit institutions (according to data from the U.S.). This was true especially during the financial crisis:

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@cnc @bunnylip The Durham activists held a press conference the next day and told their story of pulling down the statue. Nothing furtive about it, they planned on getting arrested.

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i am so impressed by the rallying cry that Heather Heyer's mother gave at the memorial:

"If you are not outraged, you are not paying attention. Make a point to look at it. That’s how you make her death worthwhile.

"I’d rather have my child, but if I can’t have her, by golly we’re going to make it count."

@jjg The original tools were built with an assumption of goodwill and openness. Greed, exploitation, surveillance was not in the use case. New tools need to include protection of human values in the use case.

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