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Hey if anyone likes community radio stations

I'm building a little app for listening to them in the browser. Kind of like a car radio dial but for the world.

or on dat

nothing fancy but there's 500ish radio stations there most of them work

source here

PRs to this file if you want to add stations
or edit your local dat version directly

Are there any academics here publishing on the intersection of paganism and computers/internet/digital practice? A friend has a tentative CFP for a journal but it's not final (otherwise I'd just post it here). If there are any academics interested here on the fediverse or you know anyone, ping me!

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Sitting in an Indian restaurant next to a massive group of south Asian englishwomen swapping curry recipes and excoriating the white waiter and the earth does not deserve these angels these fucking beautiful avenging angels

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Tired: Alphabet soup

Wired: Times New Ramen

as much as i hate surveillance capitalist websites i would never shame someone for using one. theres a lot of forces at work that keep people using them. its a societal problem really

SESTA/FOSTA is about filling private prisons. it's about restricting freedom of speech. it's about cracking down on consenting adults engaging in behavior that doesn't make rich men any money. it's not the first shitty bill to get passed using trafficking as a boogeyman. it needs to be the last.

Letโ€™s just abolish pronouns altogether. Either just use someoneโ€™s name or let the relationship be obliquely understood without stating it.

Logged into my tumblr account for the first time in years in order to delete it.

humans having sex with other consenting humans should be normalised in our media in every way; we should be able to see it as healthy and part of human communication and development, it should be seen as romantic or as a favour or service as long as both/all people think itโ€™s okay

Good morning everyone!!!! This is your daily reminder that thousands and thousands of people believe in Bigfoot without ever having seen them, and the same goes for you! You CAN get this bread, close that deal, muster up courage to do that thing, or surpASS whatever hardship arrives today!!! Go BE the blurry picture you want to see in the world!!! You GOT this!!!!!

It's time to open up the holz hausen wood stack I assembled a year ago.
The wood looks very dry now.

all this is to say there is room for good in the world

it's hard to tell when you're stuck in a situation

but there is so much room for it in so many little places

there is room to laugh and cry and smile and hug

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