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After exploring as an alternative to Google Drive, I have some ideas about another project we could host.

OnlyOffice and Collabora are decent replacements for the online shared document editing that Google provides, but they have heavy resource requirements. But both can be used by multiple NextCloud installs, requiring only a public-facing URL.

We could run one of these on a VPS and allow coop members to use these with their own NextCloud instances.

The library is so good. All the books you want at no charge and you can request them online and they’ll get send to whatever library you prefer! Meeting rooms, you can go there and read or just chill... and people don’t want socialism?

@tbeckett @BeechMtn Ok, granted, I don't know if CUNA would chip in or not. But my major problem is that we're allowing Citi to use our movement to "green wash" their atrocious business practices. And having their logo on reports also serves to discredit the information presented to a lot of people who have very bad feelings about Citi (like my Standing Rock friends, for instance). Taking money from the enemy like this is, in my book, no way to show solidarity. Quite the opposite, in fact.

"I have a great belief that whenever there is chaos, it creates wonderful thinking. I consider chaos a wonderful gift." -- Septima Clark

Had a great time meeting and talking (forever!) about co-ops with Cath from Leeds. Cath is on a worker co-op learning tour of the US. Heads up to all you co-op geeks. She may be headed your way.

Deep bow to @emily for connecting us!

There are actually 64 genders and anytime you complain about it we add 5 more

"A willing hand, a ready mind, and a joyous heart"

There might not be a global revolution but there be pockets of revolution.

A common thread between the existing examples of autonomous spaces is yeah they grew following a collapse, but also they grew based on knowledge built pre-collapse. Rojava was Ocalan was Bookchin. Jackson was Malcolm X, Mondragon.

Documenting and sharing knowledge is vital. Networks are vital. Samizdat in hell.

@neil Wonderful thoughts, Neil! When thinking about the outdated and oppressive systems that govern the world, DeRay McKesson expresses the sentiment that "humans built this" and that gives him hope that we can build something new.

Disaster should never romanticised for a second, but it is interesting to see what can occur when the existing order is swept aside and something new has chance to grow.

'The end of history' is bullshit, we're currently stuck in a local minima, but nothing about this is essential or predetermined or necessary. This is the peak of nothing.

'It's easier to imagine the end of the world than it is to imagine the end of capitalism' is also bullshit. It's easy to imagine something better.

A good friend of mine was very active in helping in the Calais Jungle. That place was squalid and harsh, people left in the darkest conditions by the modern world order, but she said there somehow in these conditions there was some of the strongest community ties and kindest people, working together, something that she has struggled to see again in a city like London.

Part of why Cooperation Jackson was able to get going was Mississippi was bypassed by traditional capitalism. Preston is economically depressed. Rojavan revolution grew in the vacuum of conflict. Puerto Rico is reorganising as a community after natural disaster.

There is 'the shock doctrine' and 'disaster capitalism'. We should have 'the cooperation doctrine', 'disaster anarchism'. Or, more poetically, as per Rebecca Solnit, paradises made in hell.

Highlight of the day so far: biked by kids on a sidewalk and asked where their chant was, after which they all belted out Hey Hey NRA How Many Kids Did You Kill Today? New moment, old tune.

I serve as an Americorps VISTA with MSU Student Housing Cooperative and on East Lansing Food Cooperative's Board of Directors.

I am a co-founder of Mid Michigan Energy Cooperative,

I currently live in Rivendell, a 100 year old house who has been a cooperative for 40+ years in Lansing, MI.

I am also a working member of Mutual Aid Network based in Madison, WI.

My passions include water protection, community energy (electricity & food) resiliency

Mean people suck. Mean landlords have a special place in hell waiting.

The Cave, a venerable grungy venue in Chapel Hill, is closing at the end of the month.

"Unfortunately, as of this past Monday it became clear that [selling] would not likely be an option and that it is unlikely that the building owner would lease the space to another group wanting to continue as The Cave...."

My new operating system just boots into a browser that’s pointed at a mastodon instance.

I call it Boot to Toot.