I want to print out an article about UFCW winning the Stop & Shop strike and leave copies all over Harris Teeter stores.


Major CW for uspol, drug use, addition, 12 step programs Show more

Major CW for uspol, drug use, addition, 12 step programs Show more

Major CW for uspol, drug use, addition, 12 step programs Show more

Realized the next level of my "hacking retirement savings systems to fund work" is figuring out how to set up a "Self-Directed IRA LLC".

Anyone in the FeDi have experience with such a thing? biggerpockets.com/member-blogs

A few years ago I visited this Japanese that provides employment support for disabled persons. Unlike organizations that aim to "prepare" people to work in typical capitalist companies, they emphasize developing cooperative work that is fulfilling and humane.


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It's interesting to watch the surveillance ratchet in action. This court decision means that a simple, privacy-preserving method of parking enforcement will be replaced nationwide with photographic databases of parked cars. npr.org/2019/04/23/716248823/c


When purchasing co-ops break bad.

“Federal prosecutors are alleging that the organization failed to report suspicious orders of several opioid products to the Drug Enforcement Agency from May 2012 and November 2016. During that time period, RDC served more than 1,300 pharmacies. The organization operated two distribution centers, one in Rochester and one in Fairfield, New Jersey.”


@tbeckett His noodly appendage still touches us all, gently.

i write fantasy and make fantasy games, and i want to talk for a minute about the idea of magic words, and specifically magic words in latin. this crops up in many tv shows, books, and games, and is something that's worth asking questions about.

TLDR: if you're writing or consuming fantasy, ffs don't just accept latin magic words uncritically. be wary of the idea of magical lineages. these are loaded ideas which should not be approached or perpetuated heedlessly.

this approach to world building allows one to have deeply rooted traditions of magic, incorporating a variety of languages, but does not render any culture more central than any other.

so let's delve into world building a bit and try a different approach. let's suppose for a minute that words themselves are not innately tied to magic, and human use of magic has tied human words into magic in some deeper way.

if you examine it at all, the idea of magic words fundamentally suggests that some cultures are deemed more important than others, not subjectively, but by the /fabric of reality/ itself.

so even if you should accept, unquestioningly, that in a particular fiction centers western occult history (which you really shouldn't) you should at the very least have references and teachings from multiple source languages. and that's just tradition, not magic words themselves

the idea that there are latin words which are /innately/ linked to magic, that /the words themselves/ are magic, cements a specific culture as more valid than others.

"Embedded in a logic of accumulation of power, those on top demand obedience and loyalty from their subordinates, and those below, in addition to subordinating themselves vis-à-vis their superiors, demand submission from and seek to exercise maximum control over the groups that are meant to be molded into instruments of the great social project. What kind of liberation, what kind of egalitarian society, what kind of fraternity or justice can be built this way?"

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