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i'm tao! i studied computer science and philosophy and for the last year i've been living and working in (though i'm moving to soon). i'm into computer security, privacy, philosophy, and politics (and the intersections between these). in the near future i'm hoping to become better at vegan cooking & to explore scotland's nature!

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Did you know that screenreaders are reading out the emojis in your usernames? Maybe consider making it just one or getting rid of them alltogether.


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@matty hey, fyi your toots are looking funky with lots of links to ift.tt and usernames all have a period prepended so they don't link.

if i install eve online... am i ever going to log off again

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Some of you might ask, "hey I've heard telegram is secure too! why not that??"

So the short reason is: telegram is like kinda encrypted yes but there's not enough clarity about how secure it is for us to really say "this is a good option"


Wire uses the signal protocol and while signal the project is problematic, the protocol itself has been well vetted.

from one event:

"In this Meetup we will discuss how CIOs and CEOs in corporations can regain control of customer interactions from digital platforms via blockchain technologies to the benefit of the producer and the consumers, allowing them to avert costly middlemen, and letting prices better reflect inherent values of goods and services."


i was excited for but just looked at the programme and turns out it's liberal af ugh!!

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y’all are really invested in gaining as much or more social capital that you had on twitter


interacting is different here. follower counts are not important (and should not be)

“boost if” / “boost to” posts are mostly just annoying

just enjoy the people and make connections and enjoy social media without all of the pressure to perform and gain fame

i hope to one day love something as much as beatboxers love beatboxing loudly in public

i love socialism and having a good time with my friends

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@diodelass hey, accidentally follow-requested you twice, apologies!

@mayel I’m sitting outside with a suitcase!

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pro tip: this will auto-delete your toots after a set period >> forget.codl.fr/

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#introduction I’m tim, I’m a PhD at Edinburgh university focussing on the social dynamics of online communities, as well as counter-radicalisation strategies against the alt-right and other hate groups. I’ve probably written more on the incel community than anyone at this point. I’m at timsquirrell.com.

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Please, please, please consider organising off Facebook. Really. It's not snobbery. It's really dangerous to people who use their legal names to use Facebook for organising.