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meditating on this cat picture to hopefully absorb some of its peaceful energy

browsing r/relationships to make up for my withdrawal from twitter

ive only tweeted twice in the last day and honestly thats a real weaning
the hard breast of the bird calls me

Ekateryna Khlebnikova.

Un paio d'archi di troppo, ma sembra Piazza dei Cavalieri ❤️


love all those Lord of the Ring scenes where Gandalf vapes

great its 9/11 again, time to fuck the flag during every single game

ya I'm a pothead

Association of


im here to make besties 🤗🤗🤗🤗

important notice 

Gosh dang, trans people on here are all so hecking awesome, cool, valid, fantastic, amazing, wonderful, gorgeous, valid, cute, handsome, beautiful, pretty, lovely and valid.

Oh and I forgot to say valid!

ahh gay paris just enjoyed a gauloise and a vending machine cafe au lait in the charles de gaulle taxi stand and am now stuck in a traditional french traffic jam about to elegantly shit my pants, truly magical, the city of lights

trying to take some time off bird site because it is bad for me. so, i might be here more, soaking in the good vibes. i have been struggling with mental health lately. it’s the jewish new year today and i’m wishing for a happier, healthier and more loving trip around the sun next time.

hello. my quest today is to get an openly nazi youtube channel taken down. they made a video calling me a “land whale” with jewish traits. fuck these people. help me out?

in talks with jack dorsey to become the new insane racist he protects like his own son

ay i got some fucking praxis for you right here babey *points to my crotch in which my hog has been replaced with a collected annotation of hegelian dialectics

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