good revolutionary read! “as black as resistance” by zoe samudzi and william c anderson. theory informed but very readable and has some great insights.

trying to take some time off bird site because it is bad for me. so, i might be here more, soaking in the good vibes. i have been struggling with mental health lately. it’s the jewish new year today and i’m wishing for a happier, healthier and more loving trip around the sun next time.

hello. my quest today is to get an openly nazi youtube channel taken down. they made a video calling me a “land whale” with jewish traits. fuck these people. help me out?

dunking on birdsite nazis 

this is...still extremely funny to me idc

birdsite / bragging 

got MIB To apologize for his garbage CK take and donate to RAINN 💅🏻

birdsite, sexism 

amazing. when i told people to donate to RAINN instead of tweeting “not all men”

im posting a pic where you can see my belly because... this isn’t twitter and no one is coming here to call me a hideous sow. with a dear friend, and a klimt print

self deprecation 

face of a totally unlovable deeply depressed bitch

image of the dumb racist president 

what is with his darkening spraytan. he looks like a southern frat boy at a party themed “black people”

omg i passed a thousand followers toot toot!!!!! here is some vintage soviet proaganda for yall “death to fascism”

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