hello. my quest today is to get an openly nazi youtube channel taken down. they made a video calling me a “land whale” with jewish traits. fuck these people. help me out?

@talialavin should i be choosing a specific video? (YT is asking on the report page) if so, what is the title?

@ryanlittlefield “Mass reporting, flagging” i think its their 2nd vid? but also report a bunch of them it’s a super fucked channel

@talialavin btw if you happen to find out they've been taken down i expect to see a post about it :)

@talialavin Flagged the video and wrote a mini-essay in the comments box they provided while submitted the video. Hope you’re ok with me referring to you as a friend. Just wanted them to take it more seriously.

@talialavin Any suggestions on what to report them for? Videos that can be reported? Link to the video that harassed you?

@fariparedes their 2nd video is the one where they harassed me, at 33:00. but all their vids are hateful trash

@talialavin Thus it has been decreed, thus it has been done.
Thanks for bringing this to attention. #YouAreAwesome


Whiteness is claimed to be behind every great technology and every great civilization. Flat out bigoted.


Reported. I used the "report user" and "hate speech against a protected group" options.

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