@talialavin Evolution and interracial marriage are already on it. ✌😉

@talialavin I'm white, so I'm not entirely keen on your idea, but I understand where you're coming from. Hopefully, you can see your way to sparing me while I just keep trucking along with my humanist views and treating EVERYONE with respect until they earn otherwise.

@tylerregas whiteness only exists as a category to be atop the american racial caste system. i’m not saying abolish white *people*, im arguing that whiteness as we know it is rooted in violence and exists only as a category meaning “people who do not have to contend with systematic racial prejudice”

We are all brothers and sisters in this one planet we share. Our coloration is just a factor of the variance of human life. I like working to better the world and learn about all manner of things from places I've never been.

@tylerregas totally awesome but your own personal preferences do not change systemic racism at all

@talialavin So true. I also answered on my phone, and I don't seem to write well on that little slablet :) As an individual, my actions and belief are only so much positivity in the world. It will take a long time and a lot of people working together to make Earth a better place for ALL people. I doubt I will see it all happen in my lifetime, but I can do my part and hope.

@tylerregas i feel like you’re one inch from “all lives matter” here and it’s annoying

@talialavin I understand the subtle distinction between Black Lives Matter and the preciousness of life. I think it's possible to both believe that the mission of BLM is critical and that the lives of humans are important to value. That doesn't have to be mutually exclusive. For the record, I do not subscribe to that idea that "All Lives Matter" over Black Lives matter, yet I will forever defend human life in every form it takes (except for racists who can jump off a cliff for all I care).

@talialavin @tylerregas "White" as the category we know today didn't exist until after WWII. Prior to that, only WASPs counted as "real white people", Italians, Jews, Slavs, and lots of other ethnicities didn't count.

@talialavin @tylerregas And I'd be very happy to see "whiteness" go away. It's not an actual ethnicity, it's just a floating crap game of a privilege system that changes over time. It leads to an end game which is inevitably the pan-whiteness garbage espoused by white nationalist idiots, which has no basis in fact.

@desitively "Whiteness" appropriates what it likes and adds it to it's collective "zeitgeist", only to assume ownership. It's almost the definition for colonialism. The whites have become an ideological amoeba, twisting reality to place it in top and in control.

Getting rid of that would go a long way to establishing a better model of society. I certainly hope so, at least.


@desitively @talialavin @tylerregas yeah as a category it’s not fixed - which shows it as exactly the socially and economically (etc) constructed set of privileges that it is.

Abolish whiteness and we get to pull the whole system of privileges that sit on top of it down

@desitively @talialavin @tylerregas I'd argue it's continuously evolved since ~1500 or so. It's never been static or uniform - the definition has shifted as needed in order to maintain the racial hierarchy

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