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fav if you think i could get it, with some good conversation and a little wine first

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i don’t understand anything about this web site but i still want everyone on it to like me. maybe even “like like” me ;) ;)

money, work, request for help 

Our income is $50 a week (after rent).

If you've got any odd jobs that I can do for an extra $10 here and there, that would be really useful!

What I can do:
* Clerical work
* Proofreading
* Programming (for the Desktop or Command line)

(boosts welcomed)

got blazed and am now considering running for ny state assembly in the 2020 election

@talialavin honestly the fact that im smoking a cigarette as i type this should tell you how good i am at giving up addictions

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i tweeted nine times today but sadly that is still significantly below normal levels

Boost if you're wrong about a lot of things.

birdsite irony 

I pray every night to be free from horny and heal the damage it has done to my dong

During the 70s in France, children's TV was dominated by a program called L'Ile Aux Enfants (The Kids' Island), which prominently featured Casimir, the friendly dinosaur.

Casimir's favourite dish is the gloubi-boulga, a cake made of chocolate, strawberry jam, bananas, mustard, raw sausage, whipped cream, and anchovies. I dont know who the heck thought putting that into a children's program was a good idea, but every kid i knew wanted to eat that shit.

For those in Florence's path:

- Please have your evacuation plans ready. You can never over prepare.

- Locate your nearest storm shelter now. Ensure that it does not have any large windows (e.g. gymnasiums).

- Bring resources up from lower levels of your abode, as they're serve you better while close by.

- DO NOT be coerced into working in the day leading up to, let alone hours before landfall.

Stay safe, y'all!

science, knowing no bounds, has presented us with the world’s first alarm clock you can fuck

if you just like MCR or just wear black youre a fake goth!!!!!

To👏be👏 a👏 real👏 goth👏 you👏 have👏 to👏 sack👏 Rome!!!

“bread and circuses” was the roman tactic to suppress political opposition by keeping it sated and deathly afraid of clowns

good revolutionary read! “as black as resistance” by zoe samudzi and william c anderson. theory informed but very readable and has some great insights.

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