As Manitoba prepares for another weekend of flood-inducing rain, this tweet sums up the local feeling well:


A Colorado Low is no longer just a weather system in Manitoba. It's a full blown emotion.

I'm curious how folks on who are also on twitter manage that.

I've seen some mentions of cross-posting. Do you cross post everything from Masto, or is it selective? Does anyone manage them each independently?

I don't really *want* to be on twitter, but there's a lot of local political and community chatter on there. I'd like to stay engaged, but also point to a better way.

Thoughts on how best to manage?

Domain names, and identities on the internet generally, have always seemed like a problem to me, particularly when in comes to conflicting or contested identities.

It seems like this may be become a problem as spread. So, for example, now that is taken, how do future coops offering social platforms identify themselves at the domain level, if .coop is *the* TLD for coops.

There are probably solutions, but I'm curious what others think about this.

Among the early advocates was Winnipeg-based singer-songwriter John K. Samson, who wrote this song and, with his partner Christine Fellows, created this lovely video to promote the cause.

John K. Samson is one of my favorites, both for his music, and for his contributions to the community. Christine Fellows is pretty great too.

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Back in 2019, the City of implemented a security check system at its main downtown library, the Millennium Library.

There was an immediate community response, including the formation of , a community group advocating for the library as an inclusive community resource.

The City eventually backtracked, removing the security measures and, this week opened a community hub at the branch.

It was a great experience participating in the strategy session.

Going in, I wasn't sure how much I would have to contribute to the discussion.

What turned out to be the most valuable was just to participate, and hear other people's experiences and perspectives.

It really helped to put everything into context, left me feeling excited for the future, and looking forward to figuring out how I can best contribute to the community moving forward.

@Matt_Noyes I have a rather basic question, following on your advice from the Loomio thread.

If I want to "toot" something to the social coop community, how do I best do that? Do I mention the main account? Do I tag it something? Or do I just trust people are checking the local feed?

One day I'll master all this 😀

I don't have grand expectations out of my life at this point; I'm pretty happy just waking up every day and taking it all in.

If I accomplish anything, it would be to have been able to articulate and share a vision of the way forward, full of sharing, cooperation, and community.

There is so much great work going on that just gets lost in the struggles of daily life, and the volume of the established individualist, capitalist narratives.

That's not too much to accomplish, right? 😉

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In many ways, that's been the hardest thing about how I've struggled since my last illness. I have so much that I want to say, so many ideas to share, and so much to learn.

But I keep bumping up against mental and physical fatigue, a brain that doesn't work like it used to, and managing all that in the context of all the regular demands of daily life, and the additional demands of being a divorced parent.

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My big project, I think, is trying to sort and understand all the great work people are doing to make the world more healthy, fair, and inclusive, and present it in a way that engages and inspires my family and friends.

There is so much inertia and comfort in the status quo, I sometimes feel powerless against it.

I worry about my boys in particular, who are swept along by their peers, the school system, and their mother (my ex, a big fan and beneficiary of the status quo).


What if Twitter did what Open Collective is doing? A power move to Community Ownership 🐦

You—Yes, You!—Would Be a Better Owner for Twitter Than Elon Musk New piece in by and 🙌🏻


Now, my challenge is to take that excitement, and the flurry of ideas and possibilities, and figure out the best way for *me* to do it.

I'm someone who knows and understands *some* "tech" stuff, but don't really know anything *well*.

I like the idea of really digging in and understanding more about how to implement and customize something interesting on the web, but most of the time I have a hard enough time keeping up with all that "life" stuff that seems to go away.


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A few years ago I started wondering about building something more like a wiki than a blog where, rather than just post my thoughts or ideas as distinct chunks, I would be able to build on them, bit by bit, as a learned more, and gathered more supporting information in evidence.

After re-emerging in the earlier this year I learned that this is something others have been working on, described by ideas like and cultivating a . It's exciting!

While we're sanctioning the Russian oligarchs and confiscating their stuff, can't we just do the rest of all the billionaires too, globally?

... and in #GoodNews,

"Based on research that was conducted last year at UC Merced, the project partners estimate that if 4,000 miles (6,437 km) of California's canals were covered with photovoltaic panels, evaporation could be reduced by up to 82 percent. This would save approximately 63 billion gallons (238 billion l) of water per year."

- # BenCoxworth, 2022

#RenewableEnergy #SolarPower

I'm also hoping to use my energy to amplify critical issues, and progressive candidates in the fall election, as well as the election next fall.

While I've struggled to find the energy and focus to actively engage in the past, I I have to find a way. There are so many good people with great ideas. I can't sit by without at least trying to help amplify their messages and impacts.

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It's pretty easy to get overwhelmed by everything that seems broken in the world these days, so I try to focus on things that are at least somewhat in my sphere of influence.

In , two changes that would have a significant, broad impact are and . It's hard to imagine us being able to collectively solve bigger issues without them.

The fact that both have been, and are being talked about gives me .

"Let's create infrastructures of machines that are not owned by anyone - or owned by all of us. Let them generate value & distribute it to the people as a basic income. Would that be possible with the technologies of today?" Great TEDtalk by Hilde Latour.

The protesters can't even agree on what they want, everything from removing mask mandates to the overthrow of the Canadian government.

And yet, because they are white, and have big trucks, they aren't being dragged away, despite the disproportionate, toxic impact they are having on the lives of innocent citizens.

It's a very sad time here.

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I don't even know what to say about what's going on in right now.

"Convoy protesters" have their trucks dug in to cities across and at border crossings. People wearing masks are being threatened and assaulted. News crews are removing branding from their vehicles for safety. Children yelling things they've been taught, but don't understand....

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