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data punk @spudboy

Remember folks, use CamelCase on your hashtags, so screen readers speak it as two words

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@spudboy I didn't know that matteres, but it makes a lot of sense. I'll try to remember that!

@ink_slinger Yeah I had a blind friend for years (RIP), learned all sorts of stuff.

Speaking of, it's super hard to pirate new versions of JAWS. I got really lucky with my friend a few years ago, shit costs like $600+ legally. Orca doesn't really feel up to par for her.

@vi thanks, i'll keep it in mind as an option when it comes up!

@daHob As someone who is drunk and worked at a place that used Visual Pascal, fuck you 😅

@spudboy I primarily used Pascal all brought high school and college

@spudboy am i the only one who has no idea what 'CamelCase' is?

@eliasg Capitalize each word in the hashtag

@spudboy ah! So few do that... even me.

Thanks for the information.

@spudboy actually mastodon has a bug.. when typing a #hashTag it always lowers every letter to lower case.. :\ or maybe its a feature, so you won't create 2 different hashtags with the same text and different case.

@spudboy wait, why wouldn't you use camelcase on a hashtag...?

@spudboy Ha! I knew it had a purpose! Thanks for the good advice