Anyone know a good masto instance for satanism/occult subjects?

I'm donating 10 cents for every anti-antifa comment on matrix chat. anyone want in? now's the time to provoke them, plus i have good versions of the major channels

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Verifying myself using my Keybase account. Show more

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This week, we air audio by William C Anderson, coauthor of "As Black As Resistance" (AK Press, 2018) on Blackness, anti-Blackness, citizenship, subjectivity, anarchism and resistance.

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DS9 Broken Link Show more

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Who's on chat? I started a positive room community with a Code of Conduct! or replay for an invite!

I'm sure I've asked before, but I can't find it. Does anyone know a list of hosting providers? I found Gaia but it's too expensive.

Does anyone know a good site for and/or that's everything-positive?

That's weird. blocks images on my plain openvpn, but when I use , it work fine. Bitmask is more secure anyway.

I hate this guy at work and I hate pop hardcore. Oh hey, is this the song where one part is singy and one part is yelly?

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Federation Update:

βœ…- webfinger
βœ…- actor profile
βœ…- actor outbox
βœ…- remote profile fetch (also fetches 20 recent posts with images)
βœ…- Outgoing activity delivery
βœ…- actor inbox
βœ…- shared inbox
❌- activity transformer

We're close 😁

#pixelfed #pixeldev

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Could any fans explain "Dialectical Naturalism" like I'm 5, please?

Wut up took apart my first iPhone for work and broke it. Fuck Apple lol.

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