Hi everyone! I want to try to be more active and engaged with this community.

I'm a little overwhelmed trying to figure out how to engage and get in dialog with the community.

But here are my main active projects:
- Building a greenhouse so I can start a tree nursery
- Building more Johnson-Su Bioreactors (I have three so far)
- Writing a web app for managing my little mushroom farm.
- Digging a gopher fence around my food forest.

Those are all interesting.

Maybe say more about Johnson-Su Bioreactors?

Got a blog or web page that describes yours?

If not, you could try @write_as - they're in the fediverse and so will your blog be.

Or gopher fence? Do gophers live in zone 10B? I see them in the northern high plains...


@bhaugen Johnson-Su Bioreactors are a style of static carbon heavy compost pile. You construct a large hoop and use pipes to form air passages to keep it aerobic.

It is a slow passive system where first indigenous fungi break down the wood chips and then earth worms eat the mycelieum. It takes 1 to 2 years to decompose a pile but you end up with a rich fungal dominant compost.

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