Hi everyone! I want to try to be more active and engaged with this community.

I'm a little overwhelmed trying to figure out how to engage and get in dialog with the community.

But here are my main active projects:
- Building a greenhouse so I can start a tree nursery
- Building more Johnson-Su Bioreactors (I have three so far)
- Writing a web app for managing my little mushroom farm.
- Digging a gopher fence around my food forest.

@solomon Thanks for posting -- do you know about FarmOS? It might be a good tool for managing your mushroom farm (also Open Food Network for online sales).

@Matt_Noyes Right now just Oyster mushrooms but once I get my process more dialed in I want to expand to more varieties.

@Matt_Noyes No I hadn't heard of FarmOS. I'll take a look at it. One thing about mushroom farming is that it more closely resembles what goes on in a bio lab then a traditional farm.

You are essentially tracking metadata on trees of tissue cultures.

@shapr haha, what about Haskell on mastodon? Is there a haskell community here?

@solomon somewhat, yes. I've connected with several people, and now you as well!

Those are all interesting.

Maybe say more about Johnson-Su Bioreactors?

Got a blog or web page that describes yours?

If not, you could try @write_as - they're in the fediverse and so will your blog be.

Or gopher fence? Do gophers live in zone 10B? I see them in the northern high plains...

@bhaugen The Gophers are out of control here! They ate half my garden last year. My food forest is 3000ft^2 and I am trying to dig a gopher fence around the whole thing. This means digging down two feet to bury welded wire. I'm about halfway but it has been a serious journey to get here.

@bhaugen I have no idea but if you find a dead one they tend to have been dead for a while.

@solomon Suggesting that even the buzzards don't want to eat them?

@bhaugen No I don't mean that old. 😆 I just wouldn't want to eat them. I think a lot of people use poison to try to control the population.

@solomon Ah, so not a good protein source, just competition for the food you are trying to grow...and here you are fattening them up, too.

Anyway, I don't mean to make light of your problem with the gophers.

Glad that at least you are not facing wildfires.

@bhaugen Johnson-Su Bioreactors are a style of static carbon heavy compost pile. You construct a large hoop and use pipes to form air passages to keep it aerobic.

It is a slow passive system where first indigenous fungi break down the wood chips and then earth worms eat the mycelieum. It takes 1 to 2 years to decompose a pile but you end up with a rich fungal dominant compost.

@solomon farming/growing/composting -- you might get some good advice from @Slicerdicer, but he's working on stuff that greenhouses are not suitable for because it's not a controlled enough environment. But he knows a ton about all kinds of plants, fertilizer, etc

@solomon Hmm. Perhaps you could try adding yourself to Trunk?
There are no lists entirely specific to what you're doing, but some (DIY, Gardening, Plants, etc.) do come close.

@solomon hello there, solomon. Please post more about your tree nursery (and the environmental setting you are set, that might help others to "copy").

@syndikalista I'm in Zone 10B southern california on a 1/2 acre property. It is very hot and dry and the soil is very sandy and arid. I'm in a valley that was heavy citrus production in the early 20th century and I think they turned it into a giant dustbowl then built housing over it.

I'm slowly restoring the land through deep mulching and planting fast growing pioneer species, many being fabaceae. I've got a few productive trees in the ground but they are having a hard time still.

@syndikalista I'm in the San Fernando Valley. There were wildfires nearby last year and it got really smokey but they would have had to burn all the way through several major metro areas before reaching me.

Northern California has much more serious issues with wildfire.

@solomon i love permaculture! my dream is to one day have my own food forest in a remote location (AND be able to manage it). as a sound artist i seriously appreciate calm, silent, remote natural places.

@luka Yes! I feel so lucky to have the space to start a small food forest here. My long term dream is to either move to the tropics and become a coconut farmer or disappear to the Sierra Nevada mountains.

@solomon Hi and welcome! Building critical mass on mastodon can be a little bit of a slog at first, but I think you'll find some great community here. I find hashtags work well for finding people. For instance, I sometimes find other people posting about #gardening and #p2p by searching for those tags, and I suspect people occasionally find me that way too. I'm a newbie to both #permaculture and #haskell so I don't know those communities here as well, but I bet they're around :-)

@solomon @solomon hi! Welcome!
While your project (s) are not something I'm familiar with, they sound fascinating!

I'm on the technology mastodon and you're on How did I find you? A mutual friend of ours re-tooted ("re-tweeted") your post. If I was to search for you or for terms on your post (if you used # for keywords) I'd find your post too. The servers are connected.

So why not start with a search for keywords, find peeps, follow - for a start :-D

@jrss hi. Im an emacs user too. I think we might have a lot of technology related mutual interests. 🙃

I need to spend more time exploring the fediverse

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