Hi, I'm new here. I'm a software developer who writes Haskell professionally and I have a strong interest in p2p technologies from both a technical and a political perspective.

I'm also a gardener who practices permaculture and natural farming principles and techniques.

@solomon Welcome! Please post about your farming when you get a chance. I am helping a group form a permaculture gardening co-op.

@Matt_Noyes You can see lots of photos here:

I've got a 1/2 acre property. My main garden area is a food forest about 3000ft. Theres also a tiny orchard in the way back and I'm going to build a bunch of raised beds for annuals january.

@solomon Great photos. I know who to ask when I have questions. ;-)

@Matt_Noyes Haha! I'm no expert. I consider it all playful experimentation.


Welcome! Looking forward to hearing more about your garden and other projects :)

Welcome to 😃
I am interested in p2p software too.
Looking forward to here your thoughts 🙂

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