Apparently there is only one living coconut palm in southern california. 😂

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I hope I didn't make a mistake buying all these coconuts.

Early in the pandemic everyone was imagining new possibilities and futures outside the historic weight and control of capital. Now everyone wants to be rich and is telling themselves they are genius day traders yoloing on crypto currency. How did this happen?

Hi everyone! I want to try to be more active and engaged with this community.

I'm a little overwhelmed trying to figure out how to engage and get in dialog with the community.

But here are my main active projects:
- Building a greenhouse so I can start a tree nursery
- Building more Johnson-Su Bioreactors (I have three so far)
- Writing a web app for managing my little mushroom farm.
- Digging a gopher fence around my food forest.

Hi, I'm new here. I'm a software developer who writes Haskell professionally and I have a strong interest in p2p technologies from both a technical and a political perspective.

I'm also a gardener who practices permaculture and natural farming principles and techniques.

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