I'm speaking at the online 2022 software freedom
conference, March 19–20 libreplanet.org/2022

I’ll be speaking about the economic-dilemmas that public goods face

Not focused just on Snowdrift.coop @snowdrift but relevant

Our wiki article describing the core concept of the Snowdrift Dilemma has been overhauled. Deeper overall precise points instead of just general concepts (the general overview can be elsewhere)


This is a part of efforts to more thoroughly clarify the political/conceptual framework for the Snowdrift.coop mission…

Other work toward actual launch still going on, too slowly, but we're still here, still working

@davidak @Valenoern @alcinnz

To clarify, Snowdrift.coop will *not* fund club goods ever. We are specifically working to fund projects that do *not* have any paywall or other restrictions to an exclusive club.

We do wish to avoid the payment-service-fee issue too, but for the foreseeable future, we're only doing the mediocre workaround of delaying charges until they add up so the fees aren't *as* large a chunk. We hope to do better some day.

I found this to be about the best expression of the whole state of issues with the world today


I plan to review more of consilienceproject.org/ and civilizationemerging.com/

@snowdrift is working to be one of many efforts to address these things, but struggling to get past the diagnosis stage and into the actual solving. Would love help and engagement and collaboration and solidarity from others who get the diagnosis

Snowdrift.coop is still working to get launched, and we've made huge progress in charting the path forward. You can help too!

New blog post "What Snowdrift Needs to Launch"

@TsRoe So, your confusion is too common, hence the change we're doing. But to clarify:

Crowdmatching is the *opposite* of excluding people with smaller donations. It's *withholding* donations, only giving as the crowd grows.

That's why the starting point in our alpha state is only $1 per 1,000 patrons, only a *tenth* of a *cent* per patron. We have the smallest donations of anything out there.

We're aiming for much larger crowd, not getting the most money from each person.

@TsRoe 1st, that's not the funding model, that's the budget-control point. It's a failsafe, an opt-in point for continued matching. But 2nd, we already decided to change it because too much confusion.

The old model does make sense. If you're capped and won't give more, you can't be counted in "1,443 patrons will give more when you join" See wiki.snowdrift.coop/about/limi

The new model will just have a threshold where crowdmatching is just turned off for everyone. Opt-in to stretch goals then.

@snowdrift is applying as a high priority project at #fsf and I heartily support their inclusion there! Their innovative crowdmatching mechanism for #donations focused on #funding #foss is great, imho.

Judge for yourself. They wrote a very convincing blog post about their fsf application:


#Snowdrift still discussing some of the details of the mechanism, so all contributions are welcome!



cc @fsfe

@Jolivier Thanks! Somehow we went super long nobody getting to adding existing English subtitles gitlab.com/snowdrift/snowdrift

The French translation is great! We'll look into adding both languages right away. Thanks for the prompt!

Read our latest blog post to find out why Snowdrift.coop would make an excellent addition to the @fsf High Priority Free Software Projects list, heading a new key area of focus, Sustainability and Growth. blog.snowdrift.coop/2021-high-

@bat didn't seem rude at all, assumed this was fully public (why not?). We *appreciate* the encouragement from the sideline. Keep it up, thanks

@bat Imagine how uncomfortable it is for those of us putting in major time and personal sacrifice. FWIW, the Snowdrift.coop team is still working (all volunteer in available time). Weekly stand-up meetings happen, and we have a sense of progress on our shoveling even though the path isn't clear yet. Even short of picking up a shovel, anyone coming by to say "keep it up!" is useful encouragement.

Snowdrift.coop work lately has been busy but all behind-the-scenes, little to show yet publicly. Update from this week: successful transfer of all our servers to OSUOSL osuosl.org after 18 months of on/off planning. Closing our AWS account. This enables the Snowdrift team to not worry about sysadmin issues and focus solely on getting launched!

@joachim_kreativ FYI we have a pretty-complete run-down of all the platforms at wiki.snowdrift.coop/market-res

Comradery is a *worker* co-op, so the decisions are made by the creative workers who get their projects funded. By contrast, Snowdrift.coop aims to function as a "consumer" co-op, i.e. the patrons are the members.

As far as we know, Open Collective is not only non-co-op but is VC-funded, but they do seem otherwise better in many ways than most options. Their code is free/libre/open.

@blipp @strypey @ginnagon @wolftune

Camradery: standard membership-donations (no mutual assurance), paywall-service (exclude non-members from "premium" publications), **worker** co-op run by the project owners (who can't be non-co-op entities)

Snowdrift.coop: crowdmatching, only for FLO (free/libre/open) projects, **patron**-run co-op (not worker-run)

Updated our full market overview page: wiki.snowdrift.coop/market-res

@joachim_kreativ So, to be clear: non-profits (co-op or not) only pay employees and don't give profit to investors. Liberapay is not a co-op but *is* non-profit. Patreon and Open Collective are not co-ops and are for-profits with VC investors who are expecting their returns / exit some day.

Snowdrift.coop is still not fully launched but indeed, we aim to be a full non-profit co-op.

If you want run-down of all the platforms out there, we have it: wiki.snowdrift.coop/market-res

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