i'm so tired of waiting for #p2panda and @snowdrift to take off

big yawn


@bat Imagine how uncomfortable it is for those of us putting in major time and personal sacrifice. FWIW, the Snowdrift.coop team is still working (all volunteer in available time). Weekly stand-up meetings happen, and we have a sense of progress on our shoveling even though the path isn't clear yet. Even short of picking up a shovel, anyone coming by to say "keep it up!" is useful encouragement.

@snowdrift didn't mean to sound rude, just ruminating -- it's an amazing & necessary project & I wish it got more traction.

I thought unlisted posts didn't get sent to the notes of @'d names on mastodon, was not a personal callout, I sorry.

@bat didn't seem rude at all, assumed this was fully public (why not?). We *appreciate* the encouragement from the sideline. Keep it up, thanks

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