Is there a creative platform / payment platform ( like #Steady, #Patreon, #Liberapay...), but as a #PlatformCoop?

I'd like to have that! ( I'm ok with the platforms I use making money - I just want to have the possibility to (co-)own it as well! )

Is #OpenCollective such a solution?


@Pops just brought #comradery to my attention:

This sounds very much like what I am looking for!

A little drawback on what I have read so far: they are us-based and they also seem to accept stripe ( and the 2,5 % they take of every $ ) as given...

I'd love for plattforms like that to embrace #SEPA as one ( not only!) option, at least for creators and patrons living in the Sepa-region ( that's like " all of #Europe ", I would say ).

Anyways, looks promising! 👍

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Oh, got it wrong with the 2,5 % for stripe: they have not put a number on stripe fees ( but if course, what eber stripe askes for, they will get) , the 2,5 % is what #comradery keeps.

The #coop seems to aim not to make profit ( a little like @snowdrift ) , but operate to cover the actual costs. If a profit happens to happen, coop-members ( e.g you, me...) decide what to do with it.

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@joachim_kreativ FYI we have a pretty-complete run-down of all the platforms at

Comradery is a *worker* co-op, so the decisions are made by the creative workers who get their projects funded. By contrast, aims to function as a "consumer" co-op, i.e. the patrons are the members.

As far as we know, Open Collective is not only non-co-op but is VC-funded, but they do seem otherwise better in many ways than most options. Their code is free/libre/open.

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