Is there a creative platform / payment platform ( like #Steady, #Patreon, #Liberapay...), but as a #PlatformCoop?

I'd like to have that! ( I'm ok with the platforms I use making money - I just want to have the possibility to (co-)own it as well! )

Is #OpenCollective such a solution?


Hey @snowdrift could you be that platform?! ( Or are you already? )

You're a #coop so I can somehow acquire stake (=owernship) in you, right?! How?

#CreatorsPlatformCoop #SnowdriftCoop #SnowDrift

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@joachim_kreativ We are still working to finalize our Bylaws so that everything is defined. However, the vision is that patrons of the Snowdrift project will be eligible to be co-op members. As a non-profit, there's no stock or share to own, no financial returns. Members will get to elect the Board and vote on member-votes.

@joachim_kreativ So, to be clear: non-profits (co-op or not) only pay employees and don't give profit to investors. Liberapay is not a co-op but *is* non-profit. Patreon and Open Collective are not co-ops and are for-profits with VC investors who are expecting their returns / exit some day. is still not fully launched but indeed, we aim to be a full non-profit co-op.

If you want run-down of all the platforms out there, we have it:


OK, sounds very interesting, thanks! This might be something I would like to have and to support!
I signed up now, and I even might have tryied out pledging but I literally don't own a credit card (and like it that way :-) ).


OK, thanks for making that clear and also for sharing this research, I think this is really helpfull for a lot of creators!

Let me also explain what I mean by #PlatformCoop: a for-profit, but no VC-investers. Instead, profits are shared amongst many owners (e.g. all the users of the platform).
Examples are #Stocksy, #FaiBnB or #FairmondoUK .

(This is just to explain what my original wish was. I do get an like your concept of a non-profit, too! 👍 )

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