#GitLab is shutting down it's #GitHost.io "single-tenant" hosting service, which means that like the Gitorious shutdown, a bunch of projects are going to be scrambling to find new project hosting, including #GNUsocial and #SnowDrift. We really need #ForgeFed!

@strypey We reluctantly moved to GitLab.com. We considered the other options (we researched them! wiki.snowdrift.coop/market-res ) and maybe we will ever move, but fighting battles on principle has cost us a lot up to now. We needed to focus on our core mission. Planning longer blog post about this and other updates soon.

@snowdrift this is some great research, thanks for putting it together and sharing it. Needs an update though. Gna! has gone dark, for example.


@strypey Well, ironically in this case, you can submit a git merge-request here: gitlab.com/snowdrift/wiki and that would be helpful

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