@clacke @Shamar @natecull @scolobb @strypey @z428 @snowdrift @Purism @dgold @aral @ente The mystification of vi is certainly overblown. It belongs to a generation of tools where users are expected to spend a minute or two reading documentation before using them -- and vi will be unusable without that minute or two -- but it doesn't take longer than a minute to learn the 3 or 4 behaviors necessary to edit quickly in vi, & it takes another minute to learn stuff that rockets you beyond VS.

@clacke @Shamar @scolobb @natecull @strypey @z428 @snowdrift @Purism @dgold @aral @ente (I use it because, unlike GUI editors, it doesn't take multiple seconds for things I type to appear in a terminal window.)

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I mostly agree with you @enkiv2, but... you should be more careful with your language... 🤣

If you talk about "multiple seconds" you reveal you are comparing an #editor with a #browser abused to edit file, it's totally unfair! It's too easy to win this way! 😉

@dgold is just misinterpreting the effect of #legacy: habit bind first and foremost our minds, not our tools.

IMHO, we shouldn't be using VT200 on a raster screen.

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The fact that textual terminal is the best we can do (and often it is, as @enkiv2 pointed out) doesn't say much about the quality of the tools we use in it.

It's just that #Informatics is still VERY #primitive.

#CLI are great in a graphical system (dmenu is that), and we should be able to compose GUI like we do with command lines.

#Browsers are NOT the solution, they are NOT composable, they are slow and unsafe.

@clacke @scolobb @natecull @strypey @z428 @snowdrift @Purism @aral @ente @enkiv2

So, @dgold, it's not that editor lovers try to keep them obscure, it's that they are trying to compensate for primitive operating systems and ridiculous graphical metaphores (that just follow #fashion bullshit and #hype) instead of trying to #hack something new because "hey! don't make the users think!"

Users are humans.
And usually humans have brains.
And brains can learn.


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For us too, please copy accounts when discussing things still relevant to them, not just because a tangential discussion continues indefinitely.

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