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What I find funny (sad) of this is that it start talking about the #freedom of #FreeSoftware, then explain #OSS as a #brand from #business-oriented technologists, then say #FLOSS / #FOSS is above the parts, then collapse it to #FLO, just to talk for the rest of the text about... #money.






No, Money! Just Money!

#Hacking? #Gift?

Not sustainable. Money!

Fast fix:

#sed 's/FL\?O\(SS\)\?/OSS/g'

@clacke @Shamar @scolobb @strypey @z428 @Purism @aral @ente Seconded. Funding FOSS development directly risks turning it into a de-facto business, with donating parties de-facto customers (as has happened with Mozilla). Ensure developers' basic needs are met & then let them work on whatever they feel needs work, and the result will be less business-oriented (and thus, more user-oriented) software.

@enkiv2 @clacke @Shamar @scolobb @strypey @z428 @Purism @aral @ente I think the math is very simple here. Free software needs to be funded by those who use that particular piece. And people should be able to pay for new features to be developed, as that's usually a neverending task.

This does require a shift in cultural expectations, but elementary's been doing some superb work here even if it hasn't gone far enough yet.

@clacke @alcinnz @Shamar @scolobb @strypey @z428 @Purism @aral @ente That just makes free software into a business. It's very important that core developers avoid a relationship with the most powerful users in which their decisions can be swayed, because the most powerful users are never representative of the users that need the benefits of free software the most. Making it transactional means whoever can pay the most has power over the direction of development.


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Our crowdmatching system at Snowdrift.coop spreads the burden as wide as possible by design.

We recognize the problem with uneven influence. We want funding that isn't tied to a few wealth philanthropists (philanthropy is, by nature, an exercise of power).

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