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Flipo: ”Spotify solo paga si la canción se ha escuchado al menos los primeros 30 segundos. Esto está provocando que la estructura de las composiciones esté cambiando"

5d into using the #PinePhone +#mobian+PhoSh.

I made it mine through:

* "bricking" it (it is very HARD to _actually_ brick as it boots in priority from a micro-SDcard.. and the issue was documented)
* trying 10+ OSes on it
* apt dist-upgrade
* apt install stuff
* editing config files and boot loader with vi
* querying the baseband
* adding custom script in /usr/local/bin
* importing data through NextCloud

I feel that joy, curiosity and excitement i didn't feel in computing for a while! #Libre

just a semi-regular reminder that I maintain a list of AP implementations and it sees infrequent update from time to time:

Better lists are available elsewhere such as the Awesome-Fediverse list or the Feneas/Fediverse.Party watchlist for activitypub apps:



1. Keep the only planet we have in as pristine a condition as we can

2. Find another planet to halve our risk of extinction

Capitalists: Fuck #1, but #2 sounds like fun.

Heads up #Fediverse

@k9mail is looking for funding to maintain their popular #android mail app. #k9mail hopes to raise €1,000 p/w on #liberapay to be able to work fulltime on the project.

I really like the concept of First Timers Only to low barriers to participate in open source communities These first time tasks can also be applied to other contexts cc @eldelacajita

10 data journalism projects that made an impact in 2020. A closer look at the most inspiring coronavirus-related data stories of the year

Registro es una colección de manuales, métodos y herramientas para la investigación vecinal de agresiones medioambientales.




@chiraag i have no idea. I am not behind the initiative. I've just discovered it and i like it

The 512KB Club is a collection of performance-focused web pages from across the Internet. The one and only rule for a web page to qualify as a member is...
Your total UNCOMPRESSED web resources must not exceed 512KB

@fanta ¿qué le pasa a este post? ¿desapareció? lo sobrevolé rápido cuando lo vi por aquí y cuando he ido a verlo más en detalle, me devuelve un 404

As my second post in #100DaysToOffload, I've written a guide on how to use Hugo to generate a Simple.css website.

A huge shoutout to @kev: this post is basically the Hugo mirror image of @kev's Jekyll post.

Lo que estamos viviendo no es un juego. Pero este juego de esquivar virus y coger papel higiénico arranca una sonrisa:

Otro proyecto para "Killed by Google": Google cierra Loon, su proyecto de globos para ofrecer internet en áreas rurales: nueve años de logros sin un rumbo sostenible

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