En vez de irnos a #Benidrone de vacaciones nos quedamos con nuestros mejores #fans para hacer el #PAN18

Nos estrujamos la mollera reflexionando sobre los orígenes del ciberespacio. Además de nuestra clásica #Feeds&Chips Hablamos de los conceptos de #ciberguerra y #ciberpaz con Javi Herrera, y traemos los temas más candentes en #MeméticaAvanzada.

No nos hemos ido a #Benidrone de vacaciones sino que hemos hecho el programa con nuestros mejores fans, y os traemos el #PAN18:

Reflexionamos sobre la historia del ciberespacio, charlamos con Javi Herrera sobre #ciberguerra y #ciberpaz, Memética Avanzada.


A note: don’t take this enthusiasm as any sort of endorsement of modern ThinkPads. They’re garbage, like every other modern laptop. The point at which this happened is debatable, but barely none of the parts of the latest ones are replaceable without replacing the whole computer.

Things I can upgrade/customise one at a time in my laptop, relatively cheaply:

• Screen
• Memory
• Keyboard
• Battery
• Motherboard / processor
• Case

Hell, you can gradually work your way to a whole different computer, Ship of Theseus style. But you don’t _have_ to. You can change only the bits that matter to you, and the parts that you’re done with will be useful to somebody else!

If you’re not in my particular niche communities, you might not know about the community that exists around old ThinkPad laptops. But I’m going to tell you about it, because I think it’s awesome!

ThinkPad laptops from years ago are enduringly popular, because they have great support from free software, and they’re extremely repairable.

Not only are new or used parts extremely easy to come by, people are even designing new parts for these old machines, so you can upgrade rather than replace!

People will combine parts from different laptops to create a “FrankenPad” that’s their favourite combination of different things.

I love this so much because rather than wait for some capitalists to deliver on their greenwashed promise of “modular” computing if we first buy their totally custom thing and hope they don’t go out of business, we’ve de facto standardised on computers that ALREADY exist, and can be obtained fairly cheaply.

@ekaitz_zarraga @eider lo va a flipar tu suegra. O quizás ya está acostumbrada 😁 Le traslado la pregunta a Ibai

The slow science manifesto
"We are scientists. We don’t blog. We don’t twitter. We take our time. Science needs time to think. Science needs time to read, and time to fail. Science does not always know what it might be at right now" slow-science.org/

If it is public money, it should be public code as well. I support this call for more public code under a Free Software licence: publiccode.eu/

@61 which part is a fraud, legally speaking? I'm not a legal expert. Can you give me more details?

Do you hate your Internet Service Provider? Do you hate your Email Provider?

We'll help you send them a GDPR Data Access Request designed to waste as much of their time as possible. They are legally required to respond to your request within 30 days! 🔥


"Before implementing a captcha, it’s worth considering if one is necessary to begin with."

"The comment form of my blog is protected by what I refer to as “naive captcha”, where the captcha term is the same every single time. This has to be the most ineffective captcha of all time, and yet it stops 99.9% of comment spam."


v @ekaitz_zarraga

@ekaitz_zarraga the video of the session is not still online. I notify you as soon as it will be published. great testimony your intervention @ekaitz_zarraga BTW!

Alternative narratives visualization archive
Modes of access and tools to manipulate data have brought marginalized actors to collaboratively create alternative narratives to those delivered by dominant power structures

Hierarchy Is Not the Problem... It’s the Power Dynamics medium.com/the-tuning-fork/hie words like “non-hierarchical”, “self-managing” and “horizontal” are kind of vague codes, pointing to our intention to create healthy power relations

La prochaine édition du Toulouse HackerSpace Factory, sera entre le 30 mai et le 2 juin. L'appel à participation ets déjà ouvert (et jusque le 15 mars) thsf.net/

How Can You Decide Which VPN To Trust? m.slashdot.org/story/352758A January investigation by the site Top10VPN found that more than half of the top 20 free VPN apps on the iOS and Android app stores either have Chinese ownership or are based in China. That's all the more suspicious given that China officially banned VPNs last year. The concern: If China is allowing them to continue operating, it could be because they're sharing data on their users with the Chinese government.

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