@Shamar @skotperez
back in the days when I was still using Windows, I had to deal with it very often, and I was pretty good at it. At some point I stopped noticing the way-too-shiny buttons, my visual cortex started behaving as if they didn't exist.

Then came that one website, where the true download button was actually shiny. It took me a while to realize it wasn't an ad.

@Wolf480pl @skotperez

I don't know what site you are actually talking about... but I have had similar experiences.

Even now, some times, I have to hit F12 to locate the resource URI manually and paste it into a wget command, just to be sure.

@Shamar @skotperez
I don't remember what site it was, just saying that there had to be one site which was an exception to the rule.

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