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Hello #fediverse!

I am person behind FreeTube, the private YouTube client for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

I enjoy talking about technology and privacy so my toots will mostly be about those, but there will be a good amount of toots about FreeTube as well.

I'm also looking for more people to follow! Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Check out FreeTube here:

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A city building game for the Anthropocene. Reclaim the ruins of a fallen city and create a sustainable human habitat.
There are no goals and no endings in Lichenia. Learn about its cryptic ecology. Grow a city like a garden.

In an effort to remember author names and article titles, I am planning on scribbling both things down hundreds of times over my notebooks and reading print outs. Just as those young teenage lovers do in their 3-ring binders.

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Do you like visiting museums? Here's a thing that I do when I travel, that you can do too.

Look up local public libraries and university libraries. Click around their website to find their "special collections". Contact the library & ask if you could spend some time in that collection. They will often give you a "finding aid" and ask you to tell them what stuff you'd like to handle. Do that instead of or in addition to visiting local museums. It's like a museum but you are the only person there

Anyone out there thinking about how fits in ? πŸ˜…

As a global society, we do not agree on what is right or appropriate. There is no agreement to expression. Hence, why do we constantly look to technology as an answer to solving these things?

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- joining the mastadon-verse. Glad there's something and picking up steam.

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