I'm in some weird sort of legality window where I can legally buy weed but not alcohol or tobacco. This whole system is wack

@selea @emacsomancer I feel like that would be for shrek-mode if it ever existed

@trickster Ah yes, the types of question framing: who, what, when, where, why, how, and pedia.

blazing hot AI take that techies are definitely not ready for, caps 

It is nearly impossible to train a neural network to do anything but recreate the status quo and you can certainly never teach it to have independent guiding values from the training data or anything resembling a social imagination. Using it outside of EXTREMELY NARROW, PURELY ADVISORY contexts where this can't really be much of a problem like assisting in the classification of medical imagery for predicting disease presence should be permanantly banned butlerian-jihad style.


"PBS tries like three different ways to get a soundbite out of artist and activist Ai Weiwei to support the most oppressive US press-freedoms case in decades, and he is absolutely not having it."

from @Snowden@twitter.com : twitter.com/Snowden/status/145

Imagining a legend of a kind of crone or mysterious being who asks you a set number of cryptic questions, and if you answer "correctly" they give you your hearts desire.

But it actually originated from someone drunkenly ordering food and embellishing the story.

someone wrote an article about gradually tracking down the man in the Worst Guy You Know Just Made A Great Point joke from the Onion.

and when they finally located him he was frustratingly uninterested in his viral fame. he was like "I don't speak English and this doesn't really have any bearing on my life." and then blocked the writer from messaging him again.

perfect ending tbh.

(interview with the vampire)
Vampire #1: we vant you to solve little problem on viteboard
Me: what's the compensation for this role?
Vampire #2: *hisses*

proposed experiment to mess with the transphobic harassment scraper 

We've been discussing how the transphobic spammers are finding targets and a current hypothesis is that they're using a scraper to find the string "trans" in people's bios. For instance it seems I got on the list for having "translator" in my bio.

So if you want to try and prove or disprove this hypothesis and possibly mess up their scraper, I suggest putting the word "trans" somewhere in your bio. Since it's easier to adapt the scraper to get get around trans being part of a word (like "translator" or "transistor"), it might be helpful to add both the words "trans" and "transgender." Example sentences:

"I support transgender rights. Trans rights = human rights."

"I may not be trans but transgender hating script kiddies are too incompetent to tell the difference."

Obviously do this ONLY if you're okay with potentially getting on the trans list. If you don't want to receive spam I suggest turning off DMs and notifs from accounts you don't follow.

If we can't stop the harassment at its source yet, we might be able to dilute or grow the list past usefulness, and hide our trans friends through sheer numbers so they can't be as easily singled out.

i fucking hate how "surveillance is bad" is somehow a hot take now

if you boil a funny bone, you make a laughing stock

Youth pastor voice: "walking without rhythm? You know who ELSE was a messiah figure who wandered the desert?"

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