Time for my ✊🏼

My day job is about managing the space where formal education meets Wikimedia in Sweden.

I'm an open education advocate and I share my Wikipedia skills with whomever may seek them. Based in Stockholm.

I joined because an alternative needs to be governed differently and great people like @clhendricksbc and @dajbelshaw have only ever led me to good stuff.

@dajbelshaw Hello Doug! I took your tweeted advice and joined mastodon. It's exciting. @clhendricksbc

@saramrtsell Oh excellent! You should have a look at who people you already know here such as @clhendricksbc @Downes and I are following.

Enjoy exploring and I look forward to your toots! 👍

@dajbelshaw I've been browsing people all week 👍🏼 @Downes @clhendricksbc

@clhendricksbc it's really great to be here. So much to see and learn. Very exciting. @dajbelshaw

Still learning hos to mention ppl in the fediverse.... that one was for 📩 @Downes


Welcome! Will you be tooting just in English, eller ibland på svenska?

@RexfordGTugwell tack! Don't think I've decided det än. 🇸🇪

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