Just in case you are an active user of and you weren't aware...

We are a member-funded service - if you are an active user and have the means to contribute €1-10 a month consider doing so at

If you want to contribute to the direction of - and how the service(s) develop - you can join our

@samtoland is there any way to contribute without visa?

@samtoland @mattcropp

OpenCollective only does card payments at the moment. @myrmidex Was it you who wanted to contribute with Paypal? If you want, you can send me a Paypal payment, and I'll contribute the same amount on our OpenCollective on your behalf, and manually add you as a contributor (which should make you appear in the list, but it won't what amount you contributed).

@mayel @mattcropp @samtoland yes that might have been me, I thought I mentioned it somewhere when I signed up. Paypal would work for me. How can I securely receive your paypal address?

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