How is everyone on ?! :)

I've seriously cut down my social media use these days, and the extent to which I am on social, I'm on Twitter (as my Irish co-op network hasn't made it over here).

But missing all the vibes that's for sure. Any big news in the last year?

Wishing everyone well.

@samtoland hi! we're good. I love this community. Good wishes to you! How are things over there?

I guess the big news is that we've joined

@ntnsndr all good here, in the circumstances.

Work is paying off a bit raising awareness of modern co-operative approaches and how to apply them in Ireland.

Slow going but we are getting there. :)

That's great - a network that we are pulling together has set up everything via - which is connected to I think.

I love the open source as a service model of co-operation.

@ntnsndr it's been great to see so much great work coming out of @platformcoop, and many other places besides.

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