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apparently there's a general strike planned for next week in response to the supreme court bullshit

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I'm booking a show for May 14th in the north (central) GA mountains.

(also June 24 and July 30, but the May show is the one I'm thinking about right now.)

If you're in a band in the area, and would like a paying gig on that date, reach out with a sample of your music.


Also worth noting if you're going to protests/direct action sorts of things tonight: if you use fingerprint unlock on your phone, disable it. It's easier for police to "accidentally" force you to touch your phone screen than it is for them to compel you to give up a password (and courts have sometimes said bio-metric data isn't protected in the past). Not a lawyer, but fewer ways to access your phone is better.

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For anyone going to direct actions or protests here is my protest checklist™️

- Wear all black
- Cover your face
- Don't bring a phone, if you must:
- Lock your phone with pin or password
- Disable any "smart unlock" feature
- Don't bring ID of any kind
- Don't bring payment cards of any kind
- Bring cash, water, and food
- Bring an umbrella
- Inform yourself about the protests' lawyer and write their phone # on your arm with permanent marker; if there is none:
- Make sure you know of a decent lawyer and do the same
- DO NOT TALK TO THE POLICE, if you get arrested, say you want your lawyer, nothing else

If you're in there's an emergency Abortion Rights rally in Centennial Olympic Park at 6PM local time tonight. See you there.

Listening to John Weeks describe talk radio in the 80s and its impact on society and you could substitute it with "social media" and everything works just fine.

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I'm going to celebrate by riding my bike over to Sopo Bicycle Cooperative (~18 miles + bus round trip) to teach others how to repair bikes! If you're in , join me from noon to 1500!

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It's May Day, International Workers Day, and National Ride A Bike Day/National Bike Month (in the U.S.)! What a day!

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Every time the cockatoo departs, it does this funny backwards dive off the ledge.

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Conversations is currently available for free on Google Play. This offer will last the entire week until next Sunday.

Reminder that we recently made accounts on the conversations․im XMPP server permanently free too.…

He's in Oakland Cemetery right next to Carmen Sandiego.

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I'm pleased to note that even, my Mastodon server where the only letter you are allowed to post is "e", has seen increased activity in the last few days.

Thanks Eeeeelon!

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The guy that invented godzilla just said that "godzilla" is pronounced "jodzilla"

Alcohol use 

Pro tip for living your best life: get slightly drunk and listen to "Rhapsody in Blue" all the way through.

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#OtD 27 Apr 2018 bus drivers with the Ryobi Group in Okayama, Japan, began a "fare strike" driving as normal but refusing to charge passengers. They were demanding better job security amidst increased competition. It continued until mid-May.

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I just spent a large chunk of the day trying to get an '89 C4 Corvette running and I only set the car on fire once while discovering that it's definitely a fuel issue! It's a thing of beauty and I really need to learn more about the fuel system on it now.

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