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Ah yes, that's why, I'm sure.

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Two villagers cross the longest-known living-root bridge on a misty morning. The bridge is over 160 feet long and hangs over a 230-foot-deep river valley.

All caps right wing screaming 


Me: … Yah, pretty much.

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Tomorrow (Tuesday the 5th at 16:00 UTC) the #XMPP Office Hours are back! This time we're showing off #OpenCollective and the XSF's new fiscal hosting services! Projects interested in fiscal hosting are welcome to stop by and ask questions. See you there?

Right now I see two potential models for this in a not-for-profit software co-op: members are those who pitch in a small amount of money which is used to pay for infrastructure and services (the way platform co-ops normally work), or members are contributors that have shown dedication to the project and money comes from donations (like most OSS). Maybe there are others?

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To be clear, this is about a small open source project that is trying to get people together to solve a problem they have collectively. This is not about a business that's trying to extract value from the software and convert it to capital.

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If you were trying to develop software cooperatively, how would you bring in new cooperators? Everyone who writes even a small patch gets copyright and voting power? Everyone gets copyright but voting requires a more substantial time investment? I'm not even sure if it makes sense or not to distinguish between someone who owns the copyright to the published work and someone who owns a share of the organization (and in turn a share of the capital, if there ever is any).

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I was trying to dig a well, but for some reason all I can divine is the location of good boys:

It's and today I'm thinking about getting Keep it Up by Meadowhawk. I'm a sucker for anything with a fiddle that you can dance to:

Minor Star Trek Discovery spoilers 

Star Trek Discovery Season 3 was okay, but the implied plot that they left out would have been way better. Because warp no longer works they're using impulse engines and it takes months to get anywhere. However, relativistic velocities in normal space means kinetic time dilation, so a month for a ship on a mission is a lot longer for Star Fleet Command. The entire series should have been about the operational and logistical hurdles in coordinating the fleet.

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the US repair movement has a new org β€” its website looks neat

After a brief server outage earlier caused by me being the only admin and using low-budget hardware I decided to see if anyone else had this problem and also try to start a platform co-op providing compatible chat accounts (actual chat server TBD). If you're interested, join us at

Hypothesis: maybe the effect is related and measuring presbycusis can be an indicator of whether or not you can see Totoro's?

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Totoro is like the mosquito buzz ringtone in that you can only see him when you're very young.

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@matt I'm not sure if you're still looking for WriteFreely contributors, but if so our co-op is spun up and doing actual work! I was excited about the opportunity to work for you last time and sorry it didn't work out, so we'd love to chat if you're still looking!

If anyone needs an experienced (~9 years) developer who can bring a team of professionals to help finish your project, I'm looking for clients! or reach out to me directly and we can chat about your project!

If anyone does want to help me throw up a Gitea instance or something and operate it co-operatively, here is a mailing list I created to facilitate communication and decision making:

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I've really wanted to use Codeberg for more stuff, but the lack of CI (I know it's coming, but for now that doesn't help me) and the difficulty in joining if you're not in the Eurozone (you have to email them if you want some payment method other than IBAN transfer) makes it difficult to transition. Once federation is implemented having more distributed Git hosting seems good too, so I think there's room for a non-EU Codeberg alternative.

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