Bicycled into today to do some errands for . I've done this ride before (more or less) on my gravel bike using back roads and offroad, but this was the first time I'd done it by main roads. I'm definitely looking forward to the Silver Comet/Beltline connector trail being done, it will be way less scary to do once I never have to go on the road at all.

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Quark: ( Nonchalantly brings up topic he’s been obsessing over for weeks as if he just thought of it )

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@evelyn Yes. Electric cars (cars specifically) are just another way for the car industry to wile its way into prolonging the death grip they hold on society and geographical infrastructure by parading carbon emissions around as a scapegoat to distract from everything else that is wrong with the concept of cars.

Of course they want to paint themselves into our imagination of the future by painting the word "future" on the product they sell.

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Has anyone done this one yet: the "monster" (Adam) in "Frankenstein" refers to Victor as "father" several times in the book. Meaning you could argue he would inherit his father's family name. Meaning calling him Frankenstein would be accurate.

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if you think you can be an organist, this is only a pipe dream

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@Matt_Noyes I don't know; still sounds overly complicated since everyone would have to set up and manage multiple different services that don't interact well. On the other hand, all we really need is discussions and events, so maybe two things are easy enough to keep track of. Regardless, I'll need to come up with some good services to use, not just the process by which we use them.

@Matt_Noyes the disco thing just seems like taking perfectly ordinary things and making them involve block chain bullshit for no reason, also a lot of complexity for non-tech people who just want to work on bikes. Simple is key to getting people engaged.

@Matt_Noyes karrot I tried, it didn't seem very flexible. The main problem is that basically anyone could become an admin by getting a few upvotes (3, I think) and there is no way to turn this off.

@creek good distinction; we'd need both for discussions, but could probably get by with public only for events

@Matt_Noyes I'm not against Mobilizon, but I can't find an instance in the U.S. that we can actually sign up for and in my limited experiments with an instance somewhere else it seems pretty buggy. If you or anyone have experience with it I'd love to get your take on it though.

Does anyone know of a Twitter mirroring service that allows boosts? I get that we don't want too much Twitter in the fediverse, but there are plenty of important things that unfortunately only exist on Twitter that fediverse denizens may need to spread the word about. Eg. I frequently would like to alert people to important updates posted by @defendatlforest or @openargs

What's your favorite place to read, work, or study in the library? Mine is this Window (which unfortunately overlooks a construction site at the moment, but the view will be back soon enough):

I personally have a bit of a problem with integrated services like Karrot/Mobilizon because, despite the best of intentions, they keep re-inventing the wheel with eg. blogs except no RSS, or discussion but with no ability to access/reply from different clients ala email, and also because (at least with Karrot) you have to have an account on a single central service with no federation, but I'm open to being told I'm wrong on these and I suspect no one else in the group cares.

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I've got a group of people interested in starting a co-op who want recommendations for software to coordinate. The requirements are discussions, events, no self-hosting, and no up front cost (we have no budget yet). Suggestions? It could be multiple services or one that does both discussions and events.

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what idiot called it "going for a checkup at the gynecologist" and not "getting womb service"

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