You're a fan of isolated hills with steep, often vertical sides and small, relatively flat tops then? I too like big buttes, I cannot lie.

@mark Macbeth: now hold up, I literally just killed everyone in your castle including your mother, so you obviously had one and artificial uterus haven't even been conceived of (pun intended) yet. Who cares how untimely ripp'd from your mother's womb you wer… *snick* *thump* [Macduff picks up head]

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@Matt_Noyes Do you know if that supports sending an email to you after a new submission? I see an advanced feature that lets you setup something similar yourself, but I was hoping it was just built in. I've been looking for a nice form builder that will email me, but so far haven't found anything.

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WITCH-KING OF ANGMAR: *head rolling away* wait no I'm sorry this makes no sense. how are we even defining man here. theres a hobbit right there - is he a man? *head starts to implode* this is some bullshit ri- *crunch*

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Periodic reminder that the alternative to Joe Manchin in West Virginia isn't Bernie Sanders, it's a Republican so we're way better off negotiating with Manchin. On the other hand, primary Kyrsten Sinema straight out of DC.

@t54r4n1 @Pixley any time. Next week join me as I explain the epic journey the short car ride to North Georgia becomes if you want to use Amtrak instead.

@Pixley @t54r4n1 Take the train in the opposite direction to Art Center, then wait an hour for the #10 bus that transfers between MARTA and CobbLinc (these are two separate but equal public transit systems). Get off at Old Bill's. DO NOT interact with the will-o-the-wisps, they're real assholes. Tell Bill "the eagle is nesting with the hen's" and he'll introduce you to The Ferryman who must be paid 2 goats but he'll help you navigate the I-75/285 interchange. Now face the TRIAL OF TERROR. Easy!

@Pixley @t54r4n1 I live right down the street from the Braves stadium and you can totally get there with public transit!

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Ladies, if your man isn't regularly offering you nesting material (picking up some sticks and hucking them at you), it's time to move on

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Welp, my car might have just died for good this time. Waiting to hear back from the mechanic, but if true I think I'll have to go back to a full time tech job. The thought kills me, but at least then I'd be making enough money to pay for a new one instead of going broke trying to find a new skill that can keep me employed. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

@cadwellsocialcoop Got my schedule; I am definitely available on the 24th!

fiscal hosting is a model commonly used by non -profits where an established entity stores funds for a new entity and signs deals on its behalf so that the new entity doesn't have to incorporate or do book keeping or anything while it's starting up. The new entity can then take advantage of tax free donations too (if the parent can do that) It's not actually about giving money or sponsorship. In fact, some fiscal hosts charge a fee for the service.


@autonomic If that still doesn't work, what is the name of the server that you're using? I'll filter by that and see if I can't find a more specific issue

@autonomic Restarted the server; try again? I don't see any TLS issues or anything in the logs

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