Somehow I have been reduced to writing Python in my largest Go codebase. Half the reason I started writing Go was to avoid writing Python, and the other half was to avoid writing JavaScript. But here we are…

Talking shop: Go and XML 

I wonder if any company making heavy use of it would pay me to just rewrite Go's encoding/xml package from scratch with a compatible API so they could be easily swapped out?

The code in the standard library version is so bad as to be unsalvageable. It's so unreadable that I guarantee you there are more security issues lying in wait, not to mention how slow it is even if you're not using the reflection parts.

Talking shop, #golang question 

() folks:

I have a library with a func that takes a context, and reads from a net.Conn. A user was confused that the function would block on reading the Conn even after the context was expired. I said they can call `conn.SetDeadline`, but they asked that I also have the context cancel it. Is it normal to have the context cancel the conn.Read, or should I keep a separate deadline and require that the user set both?

I'm sure the Fediverse is full of these posts, but does anyone know any co-ops that are hiring or any tech co-ops that are looking to take on a partner who does backend work, primarily in and ? Asking for a friend in the Atlanta area who's burnt out. They're thinking of throwing up their hands, going to work for REI, and losing their house when they can't pay the mortgage but at least they won't hate their life.

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