I was trying to dig a well, but for some reason all I can divine is the location of good boys:

Alcohol, Fall (which may be triggering in places that don't have seasons) 

It's finally cool enough to build a fire in the evenings, and that means the time has finally come!

Anyways, the result is that now the dog can't get out of the garage even if I have the door open.

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Turns out a bike and a couple of ratchet straps are more practical than my tiny 2 seater car:

Me: hey Rey, do you want to do something cute and become a viral internet sensation?

Finally got one of the challenge problems at my gym today! Unsure if it counts since I didn't put my weight on the last hold, but I'm calling it good enough until next time.

TIL: "Tomato Saison". Goes down well after bouldering.

More sleepy dogs! This is Rey being spooned by his best buddy, Comrade Asa.

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Hi fediverse folks. I'm going to The Overlook (overlookclimbing.com/) bouldering gym today and then probably grabbing a beer or some tacos at one of the breweries next door. If you'd like to join me, I'd love to meet some fellow Atlantans and near-Atlantans.

Everything wrong with capitalism summed up in one image:

Cobb County Fire and Emergency Services just sent out this picture, and I think it gets the point across nicely:

I haven't been in a gym that had top rope in a while. Trying to decide what area gym to buy a membership to. Suggestions welcome. Right now I'm leaning towards The Overlook, but have only tried 3.

The saga continues. How did it even get in the Chattahoochee?

Me: I want to play piano, but it's so nice outside, whatever can I do?

When your dog is sad because he can't chew his bone with a cone-of-shame on, but you have a bench vice:

Sam Whited's choices:


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