Uhh, there is a flaw in your logic Liberty Mutual…

I finally got the problem I've been working on for weeks at the climbing gym! I cheated a bit and made some of the dynos less scary by turning them into a deadpoint, but it counts! It was practically a cakewalk!

I feel like I've been posting about tech too much, and today especially depressing bad tech, so here is a picture of a flower I took in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica instead:

Given how long it took to empty that folder, I wonder if Fastmail would just kick me off their platform if I hit "undo"?

Wow, REI got its employees a Christmas present! Is it a bonus?

TFW the dog starts licking the air in his sleep and you wonder if he's dreaming about licking you or someone else…

Similarly, I know I haven't read this since middle school but I'm pretty sure I at least remember the basic plot points:

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IDGI, I keep picking the first answer and it keeps telling me that I'm wrong and have to do the test over again.

I was trying to dig a well, but for some reason all I can divine is the location of good boys:

Alcohol, Fall (which may be triggering in places that don't have seasons) 

It's finally cool enough to build a fire in the evenings, and that means the time has finally come!

Anyways, the result is that now the dog can't get out of the garage even if I have the door open.

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Turns out a bike and a couple of ratchet straps are more practical than my tiny 2 seater car:

Me: hey Rey, do you want to do something cute and become a viral internet sensation?

Finally got one of the challenge problems at my gym today! Unsure if it counts since I didn't put my weight on the last hold, but I'm calling it good enough until next time.

TIL: "Tomato Saison". Goes down well after bouldering.

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