Okay, Manyverse was a complete bust. What other experimental social networks should I try out?

@tk I haven't been able to find anywhere on either of those with open registration and that's not just some random persons single-person instance that's down constantly; suggestions?

@jollyrogue I'll give it a look; I thought I'd checked it out and it was closed or down a few times, but maybe there's a different one I haven't found or something.

@sam Yeah, it has promise, but there’s not much going on there.

@jollyrogue I was willing to overlook that since I was just experimenting and would be bringing a group along with me if we found something we liked, but it's so buggy as to be unusable and the UI is *terrible* (really basic accessibility features and the like missing, not big complicated things, just the basics). The devs seem like they're more focused on minute protocol details and just need to hire a UI/UX person.

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