I just got back from a group gravel ride! I only got a few pictures while we were stopped, but here they are 🧵

First I took the bus from my home in Cobb County to proper.

Then I transferred to the train. Art Center Station, serving Midtown, has some lovely carved murals on the walls that I don't know enough about.

Afterwards it was just a short jaunt along the BeltLine to the starting position where we hung out and had a drink or two while we waited for everyone to show up.

The various bridges and tunnels on the BeltLine trail are all painted with excellent murals done by local artists, and we passed by some of them.

A ways in we stopped at a Circle K to pick up some gas station chicken for a picknick. We had long since veered off the beltline proper though and cut through the woods. We got into a tiny bit of mud.


A little further on we abandoned our bikes and hopped over some rocks under a bridge to a nice open area near some abandoned train tracks to eat.

After a while we came out on a road ~5 km from my house, so as everyone else turned to head back I decided to just ride home; my bike got a good hose down once I made it back!

The total distance came out to be 27.89 km (17.33 mi) with a total moving time of 1:33:06 and a total time of 2:42:26. My max speed was 58 kph (36 mph) and the average moving speed was 18 kph (11 mph).

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